Thursday, November 15, 2012

3TT- Running Post Marathon

* After the Monumental Marathon I actually felt a LOT better than I thought I would but I still decided to take some time off of running. I went for my first run three days after, my husband is back in his running kick so we went together but I told him I will be slow. I let him lead the way and just as I thought I was slow (or feeling slow anyway). I'm slower at marathon distance than half or less distance so I feel like I've lost what speed I had while training for the marathon. But the craziest thing is I felt like I was high stepping the whole time?? I made it 3.5mi with about a 9:33 pace.

* The very next evening we went again on a different route, one that is quite a bit hilly than the previous night. I was feeling a little easier but still felt like I was high stepping? What has happened to my running legs? I want them back! I was pleasantly pleased however we finished 3.3mi at about 9:22 pace! Getting back slowly now if I can just get faster than the hubs again, LOL!!

* Monday we went out for a run, I was feeling like this was going to be my day. And I think it was! I was able to stay right beside the hubs and sometimes a little ahead of him!! But then he stopped and told me his leg was killing him kinda like in his shin, well dang no wonder I was doing better than him.  Tonight we are running our first 5k this year together, I guess that will be a test to see if my running legs are back or not??

Anyone ever have the high stepping problem??

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Running Moose said...

Glad you're getting your legs back! Sometimes lots of miles at a slow pace can help with speed, but I guess it would depend n how slow/ what zone (if you do HR at all) you were running in. I did most of my little running that I did this year in zone 2/ 9:30 pace with no speed work (I had trouble staying uninjured). Then I did 3 races and ended up with a 22:56 and a 21:07 5k (the trail race was 6.5 hilly miles in the dark at about 9:10). With under 400 miles at that point (October), I was quite surprised. But then when I had done most of my training for an ultra last year in zone 2, I was able to stay in zone 2 longer and go faster (started out at about 9:10 ave in Z2, but ended up being able to sustain a 7:45 pace in that zone.). Z 2 would allow you to talk somewhat comfortably with another runner and/or also have control over your breathing.