Friday, November 9, 2012

Indianapolis Monumental Marathon- I Freaking Did IT!!!

So dark at the start line

Saturday, November 3, 2012 I ran my 2nd marathon at the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon. (My first was May 2011 Flying Pig Marathon) This time around I was a little more experienced and had lots more knowledge of what it was going to be like to run 26.2 miles, therefore I feel like I put more effort into my training in which I felt better prepared.
Cold and waiting to start
Getting Ready~
Mom & I drove up to Indy on Friday night checked into out hotel room and headed out to the expo. It was kinda small but it was decent, with us getting there around 7pm we probably missed out on lots of stuff since it was over at 9pm but we did shop quite a bit and I picked out a few items that my wonderful MOM bought me for Christmas gifts, now I just can't wait to open them, LOL!! The marathon started at 8am and we was less than a half mile from the start line so I planned on and set the alarm clock in the hotel for 5:15am, normally I would have used my phone for the alarm but I left my charger at home! Well I guess I was a little nervous and woke up on my own at 5am, it was a good thing too I had the am & pm reversed on the crazy alarm clock! I really REALLY hoped to have a good potty stop (sorry TMI) before I left for the starting line but no such luck :?

Going into this marathon I had a few goals in mind
*Be able to run the entire 26.2
*Hopefully finish between 4:30 - 4:40
*Have fun & enjoy it

Miles 1 - 6.2        1:05:40
I knew there was going to be pace groups so I was hopeful to find the 4:40 pace group, no such luck there was 4:30 or 4:45 so I lined up with the 4:45 group. I introduced myself to the pace leader and chatted with the group while waiting to begin. I told Sherry the pace leader that really I wanted to finish closer to 4:40 but I wanted to start out slower and speed up more towards the end, she said it wouldn't hurt her feelings at all when or if I left the group. There was one man that kept on saying "I hope the rain holds off, the weather said 30% chance of rain" he said that a few times before I finally replied "That means there is 70% chance it isn't going to rain!!" Pace leader Sherry liked my positive outlook:) We were off and running and I made sure to stay back and not take off all crazy fast like I did in the Flying Pig. Running with a pace group is such a great thing and since I was running a slower pace I was able to talk and enjoy some of the sights. The first and second mile was right on track but then we were slowly speeding up (I thought it was strange the pace leader didn't wear a Garmin or other type of watch just a regular watch) ever so often Sherry would ask everyone what pace their watches was showing. At mile 3 we was a minute ahead mile 5 we was a minute and a half ahead and by the time we reached mile 6 we was almost 2mins ahead and Sherry said "I have to slow down and get to the correct pace, everyone run how they feel and maybe I'll see you again." I told myself to slow down with her but I just kept my pace and stayed ahead but not so far ahead that I couldn't hear them talking and such. I put one headphone on at the beginning kept my music low so I could talk and hear everyone else, I took my first gel at the 10k mark. The first 10k down feeling good and confident!

Miles 6.2 - 13.1      2:19:47
I had to use the bathroom ever since the start but all of the port a potties had long lines and I wasn't going to stop and wait when it was only going to take me less than a minute, I just didn't want to waste the time and I kept on thinking the farther I go maybe I would eventually just sweat it out. Once again I stayed pretty steady during these miles with my pace and was slowly getting a bigger lead ahead of the 4:45 pace group as I could no longer hear them talking. Some of these miles went through residential area and some of these miles I didn't like the scenery as it was on main roads and there was lots of traffic they had one lane blocked off for the runners but the cars was still zooming buy us. At 10.5mile I finally found a potty with no line I really hated to stop but I had quit drinking water because I had to go so bad so I knew this was my chance, I stopped but then had a little trouble getting my compression shorts back right so I did have to walk a couple of steps to adjust them.  They had a big blow up with a sign that said "13.1 Half Way There" up ahead and knew there would be another water stop soon so I took another gel. Right as I crossed through the half way mark it began to drop rain drops just every now and then. Half way down and still feeling good and confident!

Miles 13.1 - 18    3:18:40
About mile 14 I decided it was time to crank up my music a little and lose my mind in it to take it off running for a bit. Then the rain started picking up but still wasn't terribly heavy but it was cold since the temperature was only about 40*, in the beginning I thought I might regret wearing carpi's and a light long sleeve dri fit but at this point I was pretty happy with my choices! It seemed like most of the route went through residential areas which was nice looking at the houses and such but I didn't enjoy the roads they weren't very smooth but rather cracked and uneven and my ankles were starting to bother me a little. Around 15.5 there was a small gradual uphill  but I powered right up it and really was a little thankful for it, it helped my legs in changing  a little.  At mile 16 I got a renewed sense of energy and felt like I was strong and ready to run the last 10miles. At mile 18 it began sleeting lots and heavy it was hitting so hard it was stinging, and it lasted for the ENTIRE MILE!! Three quarters of the way there starting to feel a little run down but still confident I CAN DO THIS!!

Miles 18 - 26.43   4:37:37
After the crazy sleet I came up on two women that was chatting with each other, as I was ease dropping in on their conversations I could tell that they didn't know each other so I joined in. One was from Owensboro, KY which is a few hours from where I live in KY(it was her first marathon ever) and the other was from Cincinnati, OH. Those women helped me out so much more than they could ever know! I was just at the point of fighting with the thoughts in my head of walking "Don't do IT!" is what I kept on telling myself but then when I started chatting with them once again I took my mind off of it and just ran! And actually picked the pace up a little. At mile 22 it started raining and raining HARD! And it rained all the way till the end. I tried my best to avoid puddles but ended up going right into one around mile 23 so I quit trying to dodge them from that point on. I'm not sure exactly when it changed but my Garmin was right on target with the mile markers until I noticed it at mile 21, one of the women I was running with said she thought the markers were at the .2 mark so when we saw the 25 marker we should only have one mile to go.  In the last mile the three of us split up a little and I was in the middle when I looked at my Garmin and there was a half mile left I really started picking it up. Not too sure where I got the energy from but I really kicked it in in what I thought was the last quarter passing the one girl I was with along with a few other people! Turns out the mile marker signs were at the .2 but the distance was a little long my Garmin had 26.43 BUT...........................................
Kicking it in to the finish!
I finished in 4:37:37 which was almost one whole hour faster than my first marathon!!

Feeling so PROUD!
Not trying to brag on myself but I was so stinking proud of myself!! Along with freezing cold and wet LOL!! And my mom was right there at the finish line to greet me (she took all these awesome pics of course but I never saw her as I was coming through the finish).  After I crossed the finish I turned around to wait for the one girl that was from KY, she came straight up to me and hugged me and I thanked her so much for letting me run with her for those last 6miles I certainly couldn't have done it without her (and the other lady)!

Cold, Wet & Freezing!

Once I changed clothes and drank my Starbucks to warm up a little I couldn't believe how well I felt. Just normal legs aches and a little pain in my back but I even drove us home the entire 3.5hrs!

After my first marathon I felt like and even said "I will NEVER do that again!" this time around I'm feeling like "That wasn't so terrible this time" and has left me feeling like hmmmmm which one can I plan on next:) !!!!!


Just Jen said...

Congrats on a great run/race!

Suz and Allan said...

Congratulations on a great 2nd marathon! That's a huge improvement in your time so I know you must be proud!

Courtney said...

way to go bobbie!!! such an improvement, you should be so proud!!

Running Librarian said...

Congrats on a huge PR!! Way to go!

Becka said...

You SHOULD be proud of yourself. Nice job!

Lisa J said...

one WHOLE hour off your first marathon- thats huge and definitely worth bragging about. Congratulations.