Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Ky Derby miniMarathon / Team Beef

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On the lovely morning of Saturday, April 27 Gerard (the hubs) and I completed our 2nd half of the year in Louisville at the Ky Derby miniMarathon. But let me also tell you, some time after the start of the year my buddy Jenna told me that she applied for Ky Team Beef and they still had some open spots. So I sent in applications for Gerard & I and we both was accepted!!  Several of my friends was accepted as well!

 What is Ky Team Beef? (Sorry but I'm being lazy and coping info straight from there site :)

The Kentucky Team Beef is a team of athletes focused on living healthy lifestyles by combining physical activity and a nutrient-rich diet full of lean meats, whole grains,fruits, vegetables, and low-fat and non-fat dairy. Made up of athletes from all over Kentucky, they believe in the nutritional benefits of lean beef and its vital role fueling their training.

This race is about an hour & a half away and almost everyone else stayed in Louisville the night before, we didn't(even though we had to get up SUPER early and be ready to leave by 5am!!) so we made a plan to all meet in the hotel lobby. Geez there was people every where! I really thought we would have a hard time finding our friends, BUT we are a group and always find each other:)

This was my (first) PR Half last year, last year I KNEW I could do it, this year I didn't have that confidence and although I struggled with that fact a few weeks leading up to the race I was ok with it by race day. I wasn't nervous or anxious I actually felt good and ready to see would happen a good run, great run or a bad run? For me I can't judge it until I start running, I might wake up feeling like a champion but when I start running it can go downhill fast crazy I know!

Sheri, Me & Jenna

It was so fun hearing people cheer "GO TEAM BEEF!!"

Sheri & Gerard

The weather was actually PERFECT conditions for running a half (and even better for people in shape and ready for PR's!!)  it was cloudy and about 45° with a little slight breeze. Again I was not in PR shape or even 1:59 shape for a half like most of my friends was but I was going to stay with them for as long as I could. While we was waiting to start I had to pee but didn't have enough time to go, ERRRR I was hoping that once we started running I would sweat it out! 

Miles 1- 5; 9:02, 8:56, 8:55, 8:50, 8:53
Once we finally got started I was feeling GREAT and very hopeful this was going to be an awesome run. I was able to stay with my friends and we was able to chat and we all still felt comfortable! I was super impressed with myself:) Gerard has been battling knee pain, normally he is way faster than me but he held back not wanting to end up with a series injury, I really thought that he was right behind me or at least fairly close but then I realized that I couldn't hear him any longer, yes even though there was 18,000 runners I know the sound of how my husband runs☺ Unfortunately I never sweat out my bathroom call and it was getting to the point I couldn't wait any longer, I hated it and REALLY didn't want to stop I waited until I found the potties with the shortest lines around 5.5mi and still had to wait in all it took me about 5mins to get through! I figured for sure Gerard passed by while I was in there.

Miles 6- 13.2; 10:44, 9:13, 10:17, 10:18, 9:50, 10:28, 10:13, 10:10
Umm did you notice the huge difference in those miles? Yeah so did I, LOL!! What happened?? I have no clue! After the bathroom stop (which was the 10:44 mile:) I literally felt like I couldn't run anymore at all! I got light headed, dizzy, nauseous and my legs felt like weights! I felt so awesome up to that point and really have no idea what did happen. Maybe a combination of running so well having to stop then when I came out of the potty my first thought was to try and catch back up to my group so maybe I took off too fast I really do no know but it sucked and sucked big time! I wish I would have never stopped but just couldn't hold it anymore:( For the entire second half I did run/walk, I tried to run at least a half mile at a time and take as few walking steps as possible. Around mile 10 I caught up to Jennifer and she said the funniest thing, she was struggling a little at that point as well and when she saw me she said "Oh Bobbie, Everyone thinks your really far ahead of them and they are trying to catch up to you!" LOL half of my "group" of friends didn't know I stopped for the potty break and thought I was speedy fast!! WRONG!! When I got to mile 11 I got behind a couple and tried pacing with them to not walk anymore and I just couldn't do it! Then at about 12½ while I was walking someone came right in front of me almost cutting me off!! It was Gerard! I was so happy to see him:) I told him to go on I knew he still had his "kick" in him to make it to the end but we stayed together and finished it out TOGETHER:) ♥

Love this man with ALL my ♥

Me: 2:07:27     Gerard: 2:07:14
I was expecting 2:15 so I was pretty Happy overall even though I didn't hit that 1:59 or less!!

Enjoy some pics from my wonderful MOM & our groups "Runners Mom"!

Jenica, Jenna, Me & Gerard

Jenica in Gray, such a sweet girl!

Jenna & her Uncle Todd

Jennifer, Jenna's mom

What?? LOL Gerard

Full of concentration~ Go Sheri

Angela looking for Mom

Jason (Angela's hubs) always smiling for the camera!

Ricky~ Look of pain & dedication 


Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

Go Team Beef! Great job with the half marathon!

Anonymous said...

Great job on the half! I ran it too :) Also a huge fan of Get Moving KY!

Mom_2_Pippa said...

Woot woot! Congrats on the race :) YAY for Team Beef......Im running for Team Beef Nebraska :)

Courtney said...

great job bobbie!