Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Louisville Sports Commission Half- Did I do That?!!

I wish I would have wrote this post as I planned just as soon as the race was over and I got home, but it hasn't happened like that and that's ok! And I've been waiting on my fabulous professional photographer MOM to post some pictures for me to steal which at this moment she still hasn't! But ANYWAY.......
**(I finally got some pictures:)**

Sunday, November 10 Gerard & I and a few friends of course headed up to run the Louisville Sports Commission Half.

Jennifer, Sherry P, Jenna, Ricky, Me & Gerard
Aren't we a lovely bunch?!
 This is a new half for me and the 3rd year that its been around. The first two years I already had other things scheduled, this year as a Ky Derby Minimarathon participant they offered a special low price so I jumped on board and signed up early for this. As I have stated I really planned on training for at least one of these four fall half's that I had signed up for and umm well yep that didn't happen like I wanted either and that's ok! Going into these races without time goals has actually felt pretty good this year much less pressure but at the same time I have felt feelings of letting myself down. We arrived really early which I would rather do to have enough time to find parking and  bathroom breaks & such, we were lucky enough to park right beside the starting line and the finish line was only 3 blocks down the road~SWEET! While we stood around waiting to begin we discussed what every one's goal was, we was wanting to try to all stay together but Jenna was really wanting this to be her "it" race of the year, Sherry P was sick with a head cold, Gerard & I were all about whatever, Jennifer wanted around 2:10 and Ricky is really training for his first marathon so it was a long run for him!
He can be so silly, that's me behind smiling!
Miles 1 - 4     9:20, 8:48, 8:41, 8:25
Although there was only (ha yea only) 2300 runners it was crowded at the start, Ricky already said no one worry about the first mile it will be slow trying to get through the crowd, we was surprised that we made it through in 9:20! Jenna started pulling away from us a little and I jokingly said "She's probably at mile 3 already, LOL!" She turned around and said "I can hear you I'm right here!" Everyone was chatty for the first couple of miles, I tried to stay focused and just listen so I didn't wear myself down.  Louisville is fairly flat for any race I've ever run there but this one went through a park and cemetery that each had a couple of decent hills. About mile 3 we entered Cherokee Park, this was the only part of the course that I really didn't like, it was a narrow walking type path that lead us into the park and it was a little too early in the race as it was still crowded. Around 3½ the first hill started it wasn't terrible but for me running in the 8:40's for a few miles already I struggled a little, towards the top of the hill I saw a water stop I decided to go ahead and walk the 10 steps to it grab a drink then pick it up again. I was in shock when my watch showed an 8:25 for mile 4!
Show off LOL! I Love 'em that way though!
Miles 5 - 8     9:20, 8:56, 9:16, 9:24
By mile 5 we had all split away from each other, Gerard & Jenna was in the lead I could still see them but they was close to a half mile away, I thought and figured Ricky was close behind me and wasn't too sure where Sherry P & Jennifer was. I was still feeling pretty good and actually running pretty well, I wasn't sure how well as I do not like to look at my watch too often if I'm doing really well it tends to send me into panic mode and I fall to pieces. I don't really remember when the next hill started but it was it was between 8 - 9, it wasn't as bad. Yes I know you should get water often during these things but I always go on how I feel when I approach the water stops, I went past the one around mile 8½ looking down still trying to stay focused when I heard "Bobbie!" I looked over it was Gerard :) he & Jenna had stopped for a potty break but I just kept on going I thought about stopping with them but I knew they would catch up. Sure enough I had to take about another 10 steps to get to the top of the hill and they passed me! So off I went again just trying to keep them in my sights I knew I was doing good if I could see them!

The look of determination!
Miles 9 - 12      9:13, 9:14, 9:47, 9:52
Mom had asked someone about the course so she could find places to get pics so she told me the second time I see her will be about mile 9, since I haven't properly trained for anything this year at every half I've ran this year mile 8 is where I start falling apart I just kept telling myself hang in there I should be seeing Mom soon. Except that I'm trying to remain focused and looking down, she had to yell at me to get my attention or I would have never seen her thankfully it was more like mile 10 cause I was starting to go downhill. Then at mile 11 my right calf no longer liked me anymore and wasn't happy at all! And I can't really explain how it was feeling, like I've never felt before pain and not really a cramp but maybe something in between. Every time my heel would strike the ground the pain would shoot through my calf so I started staying up on my toes  until that became uncomfortable. I still don't think I had looked at my time yet but I knew that 1:59 finish was slipping away from me I could no longer see Gerard & Jenna or the 2hr pace group and it was showing in my lap paces.
For me too the look of determination!
Miles 13 - .14      10:13, 1:11
Oh goodness that last mile was the longest mile EVER!! I thought it would never end! I would run a little walk a little and this man kept telling me "Come on we are almost there" and I would run a little again. Finally I could see the finish line and I gave it all I had...................I finished in 2:01:44!! I was almost in shock that I did so well! For a brief moment I was mad/sad at myself for not trying harder to get that 1:59 but then I reminded myself of the pain I was in and the fact that I hadn't trained for a 1:59 let alone a 2:01! That's not a PR for me but its my PR for this year and I will take it!! That wonderful silly husband of my finished in 1:58:21!! His first under 2hr half and 4th one ever!

I really enjoyed this race, enjoyed the course and hope that it will fit for my schedule next year!

Jenna & Jennifer
Besides my mom & I (LOL) these two are the sweetest mother/daughter!

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