Sunday, April 26, 2015

Oh my how Time Flies by....

Geez will I ever get my schedule together to fit everything in running, blogging, work and life in general! I need to just quit being lazy about everything and just do it, I think winter gets to me more than I realize ever since its been staying daylight longer I have become more productive.

So I looked back on my posts for this year and realized I have never told my "big" races for this year you know the reasons I'm training! Well here's my rundown thus far:

March 21- RJ Corman 10miler
March 28- Run the Bluegrass Half Marathon
April 25- Ky Derby miniMarathon
May 16- Horse Capital Marathon
June 13- Bourbon Derby Half Marathon
October 3- Ky History Half Marathon
October 11- Iron Horse Half Marathon
October 16-17- Bourbon Chase 200mi Relay
October 25- Brickhouse Betweenathon
November 7- Savannah Ga Rock'n'Roll Marathon
November 14- Renfro Rock'n'Run Half Marathon

January 7-10- Disney Dopey Challenge!!!!!!

Shew that makes me tired just typing it all out! But I'd really like to find a half for the months of July, August and September :)

As you can see I've already ran 3 of the above races along with a couple of 5k's. I was going to include a couple race recaps in this post but to keep it from being too long I'll post them separate.

I need some help!!!??!! I haven't booked a hotel room for Savannah yet and hope to within the next couple of days. Any suggestions?? I'll be staying around the airport area and catching the bus to the start line as I can't afford the closer hotels!

I'm off work for the next couple of days so I'm going to catch up on all race recaps and long runs! But first mom's taxi is on duty and taking a kid to work!

Savannah Hotels???

Run Happy ;)


From Ice Cream to Marathon said...
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From Ice Cream to Marathon said...

Can't wait to read your recap on yesterdays race. I would love to do the Savannah race, I'll look into that one!