Tuesday, September 15, 2015

And Just Like that......A Whole Week Goes By

I have tried getting my Virginia Beach post up for well a week now but as you can see it hasn't happened yet. So hopefully this will be 2 Posts Tuesday!!

Sinuses are AWFUL! If you don't have problems with them or live in an area that they are bad be EXTREMELY HAPPY I have been battling them off and on pretty much all summer long! This has been the worst year in a long time for me!

Anyone have a Dell Laptop and upgrade to the Windows 10 yet? The husband and I both did ours the other day and now we can not connect to the Internet?? Another reason I haven't been able to finish the VA Beach post...GRRR!! Now to just figure out how to take it back off and get the crazy laptop working again!

Ok off to hopefully finish the other post now!

Windows 10 advice anyone??

Run Happy ;)

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