Friday, June 3, 2011

The FUNK.............

Not the funk like movin' and groovin' but funk like down in the dumps :(
 I really wish I could figure out what is wrong with me. I hate to ramble on with my worthless feelings on here but sometimes you just gotta let it out. It seems like since the marathon NOTHING has gone right or like it should and more and more just keeps coming up ( car issues, family issues and life in general issues!) My back still isn't 100% and I am beginning to wonder if I am just going to have to live with this pain for the rest of my life. I haven't been able to run like I want to for about 3 weeks because of my back and just life in general so I am hoping that is about to change, well actually I AM MAKING IT CHANGE. I feel useless and worthless,  I just want to get back to MY normal self.

How do you handle "the FUNK"?


Karen said...

Awww! :0( I'm so sorry!!! I'm sure your back will improve...just give it a little time! *hugs*

5 Miles 2 Empty said...

De funk!! Quick!! No really, sounds like you have a bad case of Post Marathon Funky Blues. Very common, seriously! You work so hard for it and it consumes you and it is so awesome and the accomplishment is amazing, then BAM! You're done! Chin up, you'll come out of this!

Sorry about your back though. That doesn't sound good at all. Injury can have a huge impact on mood too. What has your Dr. said? Maybe a chiropractor or massage could help? You know you deserve a 60 min massage! =)

The funk is no fun at all. I wish I could help more! If we were closer we could go for a run together!!

Becka said...

Sorry you are in a funk! I've been in a non-stop funk since the beginning of the year. I blame mine on being sick on an off since January and losing my job before New Years (still don't have one). Unsure how to get OUT of a funk, but hang in there. It can't last forever!