Tuesday, June 7, 2011

ProActive for Life 5k

My funk is slowly getting better.  Just being able to get out and run really helps and being with friends and family. Thanks to all that left me happy comments:)

May 20, 2011
     This race is in Frankfort, Ky around the Capital. Usually the hubs and I would have run this together, however he felt like he wasn't ready to 'race' a 5k yet he is wanting to be really SPEEDY! (Last year there was no way I could keep up with him, this year the first time we ran together he told everyone I sprinted~HA HA! but now he is back to being faster than me!) Since he decided not to run this I almost didn't do it either, BUT I am addicted to races and Frankfort is having a Trifecta Series in which you receive a medal for completing all 3 of the races, I am also addicted to medals:) If you haven't heard this before Kentucky weather is CRAZY (like several states I am sure), it rained for about 3 weeks straight then for about a week it turned cold and damp now for the last two weeks it has been smoldering HOT! This was my first evening race in a while and yep it was HOT. Also with the Trifecta Series they do age group awards for the three races, in the first race I was 1st in my age group so I really wanted to do good in this one but I also had a 10k the very next morning so I didn't want to run it too hard. This is also the first race that I didn't have at least one member of my posse' with me it was only me.
     I have been trying really hard not to get caught up in the fast take off thing and did okay with it this time. I know this route pretty well so I knew where the hills were and how I should pace myself. The first mile was around 8mins and some seconds (I am at work typing this and do not have my garmin to check and DailyMile isn't working on my computer) which is fast for me so I knew it was time for me to slow down a bit since there was a hill coming up. The best thing with this course is its an in & out so you get to come back down the hills! It was so hot and humid I had to really slow myself down for the second half, I even thought about walking a few steps but told myself not to just slow my pace down but keep running not walking. I kept playing back and forward with a couple of girls that I thought might be in my age group towards the end, I tried really hard to pass them but I was losing steam and getting tired. I saw my mamarazzi (the new name for my mom, picture taker and #1 fan!!! :) towards the end and I told her I was wearing down, her reply "come on Perkins pick it up so you can beat last years time!" so I tried my best. I think I passed one of the girls at the end but not both of them.

My finish time- 26:16
Age group- 3rd place
Overall- 83/702

Hooray! I got third place medal and was very happy with my finishing time (especially since it was 5mins better than last year:) and I met my goal of finishing in the top 3 of my group!


misszippy said...

What a great day for you! congrats!

Elle said...

Congratulations. Very nice race.