Friday, March 22, 2013

And Then the Next Day....

The day after the RailRunner 10miler we was signed up for a 5k! In the past that was no big deal for me to run a 5k after a long run but my hubs hasn't ever had that experience so I was anxious to see how he would do.

Sunday, March 10, 2013 was the Diamond Dash 5k in Stanford, Ky. This race is for the girls on the softball team, on the registration there is a spot to put one of their names if you know one, the proceeds goes directly  to that girls for her uniform and such I think this is an awesome fund raiser for them:) and my mom works with someone who has a daughter on the team so she signed us up.

I actually felt pretty good and my legs didn't feel really tired or anything, there was a few of us that did the back to back races it was kinda funny all of us gathering together discussing our aches and pains!

Hubs running strong!

Off we went and as usual I took off way to fast, my first mile was like 8:15 second was 9:24 which was more like it for me right now!

I did ok until I got to the one long hill, then I started walking.

At the start of the race they announced in order for the distance to work out you had to do two laps around the track so don't go through the finish until you have made two laps. Which was the same as last year so I had already told Gerard (the hubs) about that. WELL....the course is kinda stupid anyway as it goes all around the schools parking lots so the softball girls were suppose to show you which way to turn and go EXCEPT they didn't tell the leaders to go the right way! On the track there was people standing reminding you to take two laps but the people at the finish shoot found out the leaders missed a turn and was telling people to take three laps??!! I didn't know about the wrong turn thing, the hubs was finishing his second lap as I was finishing my first someone told him to run another one and I told him not to as I didn't complete a third lap either, I was being stubborn and refused (but I also was unaware of the wrong turn mishap!). It was the most confusing thing EVER!!

When it came time for the results they gave me 1st overall female!!! BUT it really wasn't me:( it actually was one of my friends and I felt awful about it. I tried to give her the plaque and told her it really was hers and not mine but she insisted I keep it and she was fine.  So I went straight home and ordered her some headbands:)

Aren't we sweet??!! LOL

I hate when results go wrong and I understand how difficult it can be BUT geez that was awful!! The hubs made it though the race ok but he was worn out and tired for several days after~HA! He is just going to have to get with it to hang out with me as a runner:) YEAH RIGHT!!


Courtney said...

that's crazy complicated! very nice of you to get her headbands though! :)

Suz and Allan said...

That sounds way too complicated!