Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Oh Yay Another Ailment/Problem

I made it through Run the Bluegrass Half. I am working on a post for it. Two days before RTB my left ankle started hurting and I noticed it had a bruise, something I hardly ever do. The next day it was swollen. It only hurt when I would first stand up or first take off. Sunday afternoon the family and I went for a "recovery" walk my legs were tired and I could feel all of the RTB hills but my foot/ankle wasn't terrible.
Baylee & me

Monday we was pretty busy at work I guess I just wasn't thinking about my foot. I should've went to aerobics after work but my foot/ankle was really swollen. I really didn't think it was a great idea to go.
We was suppose to run this morning but it was terribly cold & windy and we chose not to go. I was thankful because NOW since I told everyone that my foot was swollen but didn't really hurt too bad....NOW it HURTS & is SWOLLEN!!!

WHY?? WHY ME?? Why do things keep happening to me?? 
I told my friend I needed to lose weight my feet & legs can't carry all this weight! :(

What Big race is up next on Your calendar?? Mine is the KyDerby Minimarathon April 30

My sweet Brownie girl :)

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Darlene said...

Oh no. See a doctor. may be a stress fracture. Don't run on it.