Thursday, August 11, 2016

Lordy Lordy I am 40.....

Age....It's just a number right??  You are only as old as you feel, Right??

I knew this day was coming (hopefully anyway!!). I am not one to let birthdays bother me ever. In fact I usually love birthdays, that is each persons one day in this crazy world that is (should be) all about YOU!
**(Well let my own pity party begin now)** 
I did this all to myself. I had expectations. WHY??? We never "celebrate" my birthday WHY would we do it just because I turned 40?? (We are always on vacation for the hubs b-day, hmmmm ??) He doesn't ever remember its my birthday until after leaving the house WHY would it be any different just because I turned 40?  And then there is my friend issue. WHY did I expect to receive at the very least a text even though we don't talk anymore WHY did I feel like I was special because I turned 40??  (Not to sound greedy because I totally do not feel that way at all but for her bday I made an extra special point to get up extra early to make sure I had a special Facebook post & time to leave her gift waiting at the doorstep to be the first thing seen that morning!! And I am late for everything!) Then I see said friends post for another friends birthday and gifts I was crushed. WHY am I starting to dwell on this again just because I am 40??

 WHY did I sit myself up for failure and failure feelings??

However my work best friend did NOT let me down! I walked into Birthday Wonderland!

And of course my MOM never lets me down. Check out my awesome "Pepper Bouquet"!!!

Ok party is over now. Time to get back to reality.........


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