Saturday, November 20, 2010


I LOVE LOVE LOVE ZBSports! Are you in the market for new shoes? Please, Please Please check out ZBSports!! Why might you ask? Here are MY reasons why I think you should buy from ZBSports;

They donate 1% of their net profit to 3 different organizations (animal, environmental and health research). That means 3% donated and best of all they let the consumers decided on the organizations!

James the president/ceo of ZBSports is a marathon runner among many other outdoor sports. Being an athlete he has got to know that he is selling are GREAT products. I also like the fact that James believes we all need to do our part to help within our communities to keep them clean, healthy and safe.

ZBSports has a Discount Membership Program in which you can receive special savings ALL year long!

ZBSports offers a wide variety of great products and brands.

So if you are in the market for some fresh new kicks, head on over to ZBSports. And remember a portion of your total goes to charity!

I was not paid by ZBSports to post this. I wanted to share this info all on my own. I was given a pair of Brooks in which I will review in another post, however I would have made this post either way.

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