Monday, April 16, 2012

2 WIR- Sinus' make me tired:(

Don't give up on me yet bloggy friends, for the last couple of weeks I seem to be having some sinus issues and have been extremely tired, like going to bed by 9pm tired (man I'm getting old, LOL) and in a yucky mood. But anyway here is a breakdown of my last two weeks:

Monday 4/2- Run/Walk 2.37 mi
Tuesday 4/3- Step & Tone Aerobics
Thursday 4/5- Run 4.25mi 37:45  Step & Tone Aerobics
Friday 4/6- Run 4mi 36:28
Sunday 4/8- Run 8mi 1:15:29

Monday 4/9- Run 3mi 27:29
Tuesday 4/10- Run 3.5mi 31:50  Step & Tone Aerobics
Thursday 4/12- Run 4mi 35:28   Step & Tone Aerobics
Saturday 4/14- Autism 5k(3.21mi) 26:02
                         Run 3mi 28:07
Sunday 4/15- Run 11mi 1:59:59          

I was surprised with myself how quickly I recovered from the crazy hilly half   I ran. Monday 4/2 Sarah and I got up for an early 5am run but we was both still a little sore from that half so we ended up running 1mi and walking the rest. Thursday morning I got up myself at 5am and told about it here. Once again I was impressed with myself:) Friday 4/6 we was all off for Good Friday so Shalan, Kathy and I met up for a morning run, it was Shalan's first run since the half and her foot ended up killing her after, she even had to go and have it checked out but thankfully it wasn't a fracture or anything too serious! Sunday 4/8 I went out for a longish run hoping to keep close to goal pace for the next half (9:09). I felt pretty good to begin with but my hips started to really hurt so I slowed it down and cut the distance to 8 instead of 10mi. I was still pretty close to goal pace though:)

I didn't plan on doing anything Monday 4/9 but when I got home from work the hubz asked me to go run with him, how could I refuse?! The last .30 of the run I completed at a 7:45 pace~ wow that's fast for me! Tuesday and Thursday were both 5am runs that felt GREAT and were below goal pace! I'm really liking the early thing but gosh it sure makes me tired by the end of the day.

Saturday 4/14 was the Autism 5k at our local park. The park is not my most favorite place to run bet you couldn't guess why? Its pretty hilly~ LOL!! For some reason they didn't advertise this race on the local web sites so there was a pretty small crowd like maybe 40 and I wasn't sure how they was doing awards or age groups. I knew for sure one person in my age group and that was at least who I had to beat. Well when they said go, go I did!! I took off way fast, fast for me my first mile was 7:46 and I was able to hold that pace for about a mile and a half!! What has gotten into me?? The only person ahead of me was a 12yr old boy and I had at least a couple of mins lead on the next person behind me, WHOOA me!! Towards the end I slowed my pace just so I could control my urge to want to walk thankfully I didn't walk and kept on sailing to be the 2nd finisher overall and 1st female!!! Hooray Go Me!! The course measured a little long 3.21mi and I finished in 26:04 my best time at the park!!  Later that evening when the hubz got home from work he asked me to go back to the park and run it again. Once again I couldn't refuse and tell him no, so I went along for another 3mi run just a little slower this time:)

Sunday 4/15 Sarah and I went for a long run of 11mi. I knew I wouldn't be able to hold my goal pace but I didn't mind I just wanted to be able to run it with little walking.  We actually did pretty well, it ended up being really warm and we walked a little but not any more than a total of a mile overall! I was happy with it considering it made 17miles in two days for me!!

Just two more weeks until the next half, keeping my fingers crossed for 1:59:59!!

2nd overall Whoo Hoo:)


kimert said...

I hope you're feeling better. This time of year is brutal on sinuses!Great job on all those runs!

Suz and Allan said...

Hope you are feeling much better from all the sinus problems now!