Tuesday, April 24, 2012

WIR- Running after Crashing & The Prom

Tuesday 4/17- Run 4mi/38:39 Step & Tone Aerobics
Thursday 4/19- Run 2.44mi/21:52
Saturday 4/21- Run for Russia 5k 25:46(official time)
Sunday 4/22- Run 8mi/1:25:44

Tuesday was one of the early 5am runs with Sarah:) We did really good and only stopped to walk one time to take off our jackets:) Thursday I was by myself and CRASHED (read about it HERE). I knew I needed to take at least a day or so off after that as I was having knee and elbow pain. My knee felt much better the next day but then my elbow began hurting pretty bad. I really worried how I would do at the Run for Russia 5k on Saturday. I told myself to just run it the best I could and don't worry how you do. This race is part of a series held by a hospital in Mt. Vernon, Ky, they are having one race a month and if you participate in so many you get a prize at the end, I'm all about the prizes big and small I just want them:) The last race for this series is also where I got my last 5k PR and passed the lady that had to tie her shoe. I knew she would be ready to redeem herself this time and not let me beat her again! These are small races like around 100 people but sure enough that lady started right up front on the line, but I was just a couple of steps behind her:) This course was different from the last one so I wasn't familiar with it, we started going down a short hill and I took off way too fast trying to keep up with the competition. It was wet and raining and a little boy in front of me fell down at the turn around~ all I could think of is "I HOPE I don't fall down again!!" So I decided I needed to NOT worry about the competition and worry about myself not falling! Plus I am no way able to keep a steady 7:50 pace YET that is:):)!! My miles went 7:53, 8:23, 8:33 with a finishing time of 25:46(official time) I ended up being the 3rd overall female 2nd in my age group and 20/113! I was very happy with that considering I was all beat and banged up! When they was giving out the awards the lady that was 3rd in my age group shouted out "She ALWAYS beats me" when they said my name~ that sure took me by surprise and made me smile inside!

Sunday morning I headed out with Sarah for our last long(ish) run before the half (and full for Sarah) of 8mi. My legs felt fine and ready and it was the first morning that I woke up and my elbow wasn't hurting so I was expecting a decent run. However once we got started my body (and mind) felt tensed and stressed! All I could think of was "PLEASE DO NOT let me fall again! It would hurt really bad if I fell again right now!!" I was ready for that run to be over almost as soon as we started~ugghh! I am so in hopes that doesn't weigh heavy on my mind during the Derby Half this Saturday and I can have the best run EVER and finish in 1:59:59, I want it so so BAD!! Guess we will just have to wait and see!

Saturday night my oldest daughter went to her Senior Prom! This was super exciting for us as she never does anything, did not get that from me at all!! She never goes to hang out with her friends, to dances, to anywhere just stays at home all the time! Unfortunately I am not a girly girl type and I can not fix hair in any way so my mom helped her do her hair and such. I enjoyed watching so much it was totally the highlight of my weekend!!

Dang I'm the shortest one in our household!

This is a HUGE thing she NEVER wears a dress at all!
Awww Sisterly Love


Penny said...

Way to get that last run in before the half this weekend. I'm running a half on sat too. My youngest boy went to his Senior Prom to. It was such a busy weekend. I'm glad it's over, it was a super busy weekend. Your girls are beautiful.

Crystal said...

Good luck! We'll be there too!

Courtney said...

good luck saturday! i wish i were running!