Saturday, March 8, 2014

Five Things Friday- Bam! Just Like that 5wks of RTB Training done

 Yeah I pretty much have ditched the training schedule. The crazy stupid winter we've been so lucky to have this year (along with most of the country!!) and the fact that I am anti treadmill has made it really hard to get out some days. I tried keeping up on the long runs and did fairly good until the last couple of weeks. Anyways here is a quick recap of the last 5 weeks of my training for Run the Bluegrass (RTB).

1. Jan 27 - Feb 2- Total mileage for the week was 25½ Even though I ditched the schedule I have tried to maintain around 20 miles a week. This week I finally had a solid 10 mile(1:38:02) run, a run that wasn't broken into 2 runs. I did the long run alone, I considered stopping early after making 3 bathroom stops but pushed on through to the end!

2. Feb 3 - Feb 9- Total mileage for the week was 18¼ I cut back on the long run for this week because Gerard decided to finally get back into the running world after about 3wks (or maybe more) off. We went for 8 miles (1:18:40) I felt really good & strong on this run not the fastest but I felt great!

3. Feb 10 - Feb 16- Total mileage for the week was 19.07 Back to another 10 miler (1:38:29) this week. The weather was beautiful for the long run and we had several join us, it ended up being 6 of us! I love it when several of "us" can get together to run.

4. Feb 17 - Feb 23- Total mileage for the week was 19.78 I was shocked to have so many miles this week as I didn't get a long run in. I planned on not doing one this week due to having the two races Saturday & Sunday. Read about the races HERE!

5. Feb 24 - March 2- Total mileage for the week was 11.14 ??? What happened this week??? Terrible weather and laziness on my part! I did another race Saturday morning (will recap in next post:) and planned on doing the long run after the race, Gerard was going to join me but didn't want to do 12 miles. So I planned on doing the race and running the route again so I would have half done and complete the other 6 miles with him that evening. I know him too well and just knew some how the other 6 miles wouldn't happen. Sure enough they didn't:( should have went with my instincts and completed it myself!

So now my blogger friends I have a question for you:
Have you EVER ditched a training schedule? How did your race turn out? Better or Worse than expected?

Run Happy ;)

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