Friday, March 28, 2014

Its THAT Time.....Time for Run the Bluegrass

Holy cow I can NOT believe how fast this year has passed by! Holy cow I can not believe the Run the Bluegrass is tomorrow! Am I ready? NO! Will I survive? I sure hope so!

Last Friday out of no where around 4pm my left hip started hurting not really positive that it was my hip exactly but hip area. Within a couple of hours it felt worse. So I took an Epsom salt bath and tried soaking it. Saturday morning I could barley put any weight on it. We had to take Miles (the dog) to the vet so I decided to take him to the park after so he could run at the dog park and I could walk around and hopefully stretch out whatever was going on! We was supposed to do a long run the next day and I'm beginning to get worried. I took another bath that night hoping for the best along with taking ibuprofen. Sunday morning it didn't feel too bad so I decided to try and run but take it easy.Gerard told everyone I kept him up all night tossing and turning and whining in my sleep over it. We went up a couple of pretty good size hills and within a couple of miles I could feel it. It was still a couple of miles back to the car and I thought I would just stop there. Everyone else was going to run on to the park so I said I was going to walk I even reset my Garmin. Except that the first mile to the park is fairly flat so I decided to run it then I started walking I walked about a mile made a bathroom stop and pretty much slowly ran all the way back. I still ended up with 7.7 miles so it was sort of a long run.

I took a few days off and have only ran once this week 4 miles. While I was running I didn't feel anything but while we was standing there chatting after I could start to feel something.

So here's what I am feeling.....My left side lower back on left side and sometimes down the back of my left leg down to my foot just an achy pain. But it comes and goes or maybe I mask it enough with ibuprofen. I'm wondering if its not maybe a nerve or IT band issue?

Tomorrow is my first half of 2014, its HARD, its HILLY, there's 80% chance of RAIN my goal at this point is to have FUN and ENJOY it the best I can and hopefully focus more on the Derby next month!



Sherry Peavler said...

You did fantastic!!! Really enjoyed talking along the way. It made the 1/2 not 1/2 half bad! Next thing I know we are at mile 11! Rest up and take care of that hip so we can conquer Derby 1/2 Marathon!!

Running Librarian said...

Hope you had a great day! Sucks to go into a race with aches and pains...