Friday, March 7, 2014

Three Things Thursday- 4k for Heart Health & Heart Sole & Glove 5k

1. Okay here I go again getting behind in blogging. Stop get a hold of myself now!! I promise I will be doing better. Things got a little rough around my house with my crazy youngest daughter acting out, it really put a lot of stress on me that I tried really hard not to show or share with everyone else. On top of the stupid crazy winter that we have all had COME ON SPRING!!

2. On Saturday, February 22 Sherry and I headed to the good ole' Cedar Rapids Golf Course for the 4k for Heart Health which is also the second race in the Rockcastle Regional County-Wide Series. This is (to me) a very hard 2.48 miles, I kept telling Sherry all week how hard it was real encouraging of me huh?

Part of the reason it is so hard is its part grass and part cart path that is not very smooth with speed bumps and tree roots so on the nice long down hills it was hard to speed down in fear of falling over a root! I learned my lesson from last year and knew not to go out all crazy fast I tried to just stay steady. There was 2 cute little kids in front of me that I kept talking with I think we was motivating each other. Although I was slower than last year I feel like I ran so much better this year and didn't feel completely dead after and I got 3rd in my age group!! 2.48 mi/25:03

3.The very next day Sherry, Gerard and I headed to Lexington, KY for the Heart Sole & Glove 5k that actually was rescheduled due to weather and it worked out great the weather was perfect minus the wind!

This is one of my favorite races in the past the first year I ran it they had the best after snacks ever! Yep I'm one of them that runs for food (and it shows)! I was glad Gerard got to join us I love it when we get to go to races together for two main reasons 1.) Quality time together 2.) He is faster than me so I can use him to judge how well I'm doing or not doing, if I can see him I'm good! I didn't think my legs felt tired from the day before but once we started running I could feel them and I realized it was my 4th day in a row running. But I still did way better than I ever thought and I could see Gerard just about the entire time!
Go Baby Go!
They changed the course from the last time I ran it and I LOVED it! It was an out & back and was flat & fast! Once again I tried to not go out crazy fast and just maintain what speed I had, I stayed pretty steady until the last ½ mile or so when I had to take a few short steps to clear my throat. That is when I started loosing sight of Gerard. I was totally shocked I placed 1st in my age group and really happy because I wanted one of the awards
The picture doesn't really do it justice but they were awesome soft grey scarves! I LOVE IT!! 3.09mi/27:01


Teamarcia said...

Congrats on the races and AG place! I'm surprised how many races there are in your neck of the woods. Pickings are slim to none around here. That's probably a good thing given this horrendous winter.

Sherry Peavler said...

Always enjoy hearing your intake on these races!! Way to go on placing!!!