Friday, March 14, 2014

I Didn't get a Turtle Dip

Saturday, March 1 was the first ever Turtleman Trek 5k in Lebanon , KY which was being held by one of my running friends for the local school baseball team. The only race I usually do in Lebanon is the Pokey Pig and I enjoy the course so I was looking forward to this.  The weather forecast  all week for rain but thankfully that morning it did not and it wasn't super cold like it had been! I didn't think any of my running buddies was going to be there but thankfully a handful of them was. I need my friends around me, LOL!

As I lined up to the start line I decided to ask about the course, wouldn't you know it its completely different than the one I was familiar with but they said it was pretty flat. I have been trying hard this year to focus on not taking off all crazy fast, well I looked down about a ¼ mile in and WHOA I was way too fast (7:47) so I tried to  keep going but slow down to a comfortable pace and not walk any. The first mile was fairly flat with a small incline towards the end of it and there was lots of turns(just looked there was 5 turns in the first mile!!) as it went through a neighborhood. Mile 1 8:19. The second mile was a long  long stretch that had a little uphill grade almost the entire way. At first I enjoyed it as it was helping me regain a more steady manageable pace but then I started feeling like "Is this mile EVER going to be over!" The best thing was coming back down. I was disappointed though I thought we would continue straight back to the starting point but oh no we had to turn and circle around another block to get back. I don't enjoy races with lots of turns. Mile 2- 8:47 That fast(er) first mile was really catching up to me in the third mile. I just tried my best to stay as steady as I could, unfortunately I did have to stop and walk a few steps. (Why do I keep doing this? If I'm only taking 5 -10 steps why am I walking?? Gotta work on that!) Mile 3- 8:49 This course was a little longer than the HSG race but the funny thing was I ran the same exact time! 27:00 finish time!

OMG my left thigh looks like a tree trunk!
I was happy with my time and happy with the way I ran but it wasn't good enough for an age group award:( They have some fast runner there in Lebanon! It was all good though. Although I am not a Turtleman fan I do have to say this was a very upbeat lots of positive floating around especially for a first time race. I would recommend separating the table of pre-registered and walk up registration a little farther apart it seemed a little crowded.  Thanks Sharon for putting on a great race! Hope to return next year!

The Turtle Dip

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Darlene said...

Congrats on a great finish time.

Sherry Peavler said...

Great finish!!! Next time insist on the dip!!! Lol