Monday, January 5, 2015

Goals for This Week- Day 1 Failure

My 'neck of the woods' has been hit with an Arctic blast starting with this morning and this morning was suppose to be day 1 official spring half/marathon training. What happened? It was 18° and windy with the wind chill factor making it feel like 6° out. Here's my thing cold I am ok with and can handle or deal with BUT cold and windy is another story I'd just rather not if I don't have to! Fortunately (or maybe unfortunately) the rest of my group agreed and/or was ok with it as well.

So here is my Goal for this week:
Tuesday - 4mi  Wednesday - 4 mi  Friday - 4mi  Saturday Long Run- 6-8mi

If I put it in writing I'm committed Right?? I hope so! My pay back for skipping out today, today was the warmest day of the week :/

Here's hoping for the best that I WILL bundle up and head on out that door and stick with my Goal for this week!

How was Your Monday after a long Holiday Weekend? My day was super crazy but I expected it!

Run Happy ;)

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