Friday, January 2, 2015

Resolution Run 5 Miler

This has became an annual run that I usually run with my husband since it is our anniversary however this year he didn't want to run in fact it has been quite a while since he has ran.

So instead I spent the afternoon with these fabulous ladies and my mom!

Morgan, me & Sherry

The Resolution Run was held at ColdStream Park in Lexington, KY I have ran there several times so I am very familiar with it. I was so unsure of what to leave on and take off clothes wise, it was about 34° Sunny but the wind was blowing about 15 mph! I decided to leave on my dri fit sweatshirt although I knew I would get hot I thought the wind would make it all work out. 
The race started I turned and told Sherry & Morgan I'd see them at the end (Sherry has had an injury and Morgan busy with work so neither has been able to run in forever!) and off I went. About a half mile in I was still pretty close to this person we know and he's a fast one so I looked at my Garmin and HOLY COW I better be slowing it down 7:52 I can barely average 8:55 for a 5k! I slowed down to a more comfortable pace - mile 1 8:08. About a 1½ mile in it was time to take off the sweatshirt I knew that would happen plus I spent the entire first mile + fooling with my earphone cord trying to get everything right. Also in mile 2 is the first long uphill I had already walked to take my shirt off so I just moved up the hill slowly and best I could the second one got me and I had to walk a few steps again- mile 2 9:39. Thankfully a decent downhill followed by a straight stretch comes next I used the downhill the best I could and picked it up a little I was still feeling pretty good but there had already been several spots of terrible head wind so I was beginning to get a little winded myself- mile 3 9:07. The last hill is not as long or steep as the first so again I just took it easy going up and tried to reserve some energy and use it on the down going into the last mile- mile 4 9:16. The last mile is the longest mile ever (isn't it usually that way for every race ?!!??) and every single time I run here I always struggle with that last mile there is just something about it that makes it feel like its never going to end. Yesterday as no exception and once again I just tried to play it smart and take it easy when needed and push it when I could- mile 5 9:38.

I told my buddies goal time was 45 mins or less as I had said the same last year and smashed that. When I first started running I really didn't think it would be any problem to achieve that goal time, that was before we hit the crazy head wind!  I ended up being 2 mins slower than last year and I almost didn't finish in 45 but my official chip time was 45:51 and I was 4th in my age group. I'll take it!

I look like the running Hobo...geez how many clothes did I have on?

This is  a great finish photo of Morgan & Sherry!
Hope Your New Year if off to a Great start!

Run Happy :)

The last two pics are courtesy of The Picture Lady. Please don't steal them & Be sure to check out her site for more awesome pics!

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Sherry Peavler said...

It was a great start to the new year! Looking forward to lots of great runs this year! You did amazing!