Sunday, January 4, 2015

Resolution Run 5k

Whoo Hoo look at me its the 4th day of the new year I've ran 2 races and this makes my 3rd blog post! Watch out I'm on a roll now if I can just keep it up :)

Saturday January 3 was the Resolution Run 5k in Lancaster, KY. The weather forecast all week was calling for heavy rain but warm temps not going to lie I was dreading this all week long! Another negative (for me) going into this race, it stated at 1pm ugghh I am not a middle of the day runner. (the New Year's Day race started at 1:30 pm hmmm) It rained off and on all morning and it was warmer but it was windy so I packed a change of clothes just in case I get soaked.

Some how I arrived really early that is totally not like me at all except for bigger races when I know the bath room line will be long!! I got my registration stuff talked to a couple of people and walked back to my car to put my stuff in there and then it hit me......I forgot my Garmin! WHAT??!! That is not like me at all either!! I don't hardly look at it in races but I have that 'I Just HAVE to HAVE it feeling'. I was trying hard not to panic but I was. Thankfully a runner friend Libby had on two watches and she let me use one, it was just a time keeping watch but it helped me in just knowing I had something on!
Super Thanks Libby!

Thankfully the rain held off while we was running but the wind sure didn't. I knew it was going to be a head wind in the beginning and the end of this course which is the worst part as the end is a steady uphill about a quarter mile or more. There was very few people I knew there and no one that was really my pace I knew Larry Vaught our local sports writer for the newspaper was a little slower than he usually is and I stayed with him almost the entire time which also helped me having someone to pace with.
You can see the wet roads I think you can tell how terrible windy it was with everyone's head down!
The first mile is the greatest as most of it is down hill followed by a straight. This is the only mile that I know my pace on and it was a little too fast for me right now anyway mile 1 8:23. There is a small steep up hill at the turn around but then you go right back down it which is also nice except the wind was awful in this part as well. Two races in the new year and both of them windy as can be! I knew the awful uphill to finish was coming up and had in my mind I would probably have to walk up it at some point but when I reached it I just took a deep breath slowed way down and just kept moving one foot in front of the other! Almost at the top of it you make a right turn into the school's parking lot and it goes up another steep little part that's where I stopped and took a few steps I wish I didn't but I needed to get the snot out of my throat I couldn't hardly breathe.

Considering the wind and wet roads and I forgot my Garmin I was pretty happy with my finish time 27:42 and 1st in my age group! For the first 5k of the year it was a great start and I look forward to working on getting better at 5k's!

How was Your Weekend? Did you Race? How'd it Go?
Run Happy ;) 

All pictures are courtesy of the Picture Lady, check out her site for more great pictures!