Monday, March 28, 2016

Family Fun on Easter

I know our oldest daughter thinks we are doing things more as a family  since she has left home but the things we have been doing are things I don't really think she would enjoy. Like today ......

For some time now the youngest  daughter  Baylee  has been  saying how she'd like to go hiking and said it again  the other day. Lucky enough for us we have Shaker Village  of Pleasant  Hill 10 minutes down the road!

Baylee  is 17 years old and graduates this year. It has kinda hit me in the last few months  that pretty  soon that's it I'm no longer in control of her and she's  free to "leave" if she wanted too! It's kinda scary to me. Our oldest daughter  is 22 years old I honestly  thought  she'd never leave home and BAM just like that without  warning  she moved out! With a boy at that! Anyway  I'm trying  to spend  as much quality  time as I can because  you just never know.

We hit the Shawnee Run trail, it's the only trail I've done there besides  the trail runs.

Baylee  was so happy  she smiled  and talked and talked! She bounced back and forth  between  us  and took in all of the sights. 

She enjoyed it so much we are already planning  another  hiking trip to Natural  Bridge  in a couple  of  weeks ! Along with many many other trips we hope to take one day. It makes  me so wonderfully  happy that she is enjoying  things like this I only wish we would've started doing these things earlier  in  life!

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