Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tried some Hill work

Okay I have been reading a book about training for your first half and it said to do some hill work cause it helps with endurance. Since I skipped my long run this week I thought I would give it a try and its easy to do on the treadmill. When arriving at the gym yesterday I made up my mind I was doing no less than 6 miles and if I felt like it would try and do the whole long run of 9 miles. After getting started and feeling the urge to walk, I decided that was the time to incorporate the hill work and I cranked the grade on the treadmill up and lowered my speed. That = success I ended up running (somewhat at times) the whole 6 miles with no walk breaks!! Yay for me!! About every mile and a half to two miles I added the hill. My time was about 2 1/2 mins slower than just straight out running BUT I completed the whole thing with no Walk Break. (Time was 1:18:44 which came out to a pace of 13:05 My half pace I am shooting for is no less than 12:30) Later in the night and this morning though, HOLY COW!! My body is sore from head to toe!!! Maybe I tried a little too much hill work at one time, not sure but I will keep on trying to help in the endurance end. The MENTAL game always gets the best of me and I am down to 46 days before the half and really feel like I have a LOT of improving to be doing. Hang in there is all I can say!! Winners never quit and quitters never win!!!

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Weddings With The Cricut said...

Good for you! I like doing hill work near my house. I sprint up the hill my block is on, then walk back down like 10 times. This way my kiddos can nap in the house and I can still be near enough to them :)