Sunday, May 16, 2010

PR Baby!! :)

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Guess the ducks felt the urge to run today as well!!

Yesterdays race was held at our local park, which is where the hubbs and I run, so I was glad about that although I still haven't mastered that course yet I do feel pretty comfortable with it. However when I woke up to prepare for the race I wasn't feelin' it. The weather was going to PERFECT for running so in my mind I was thinking that there would be LOTS of people and I will probably suck. None the less I got ready on was on my way and on the way I got the butterfly feeling, why? This was at the place that I run (attempt to anyway) all the time why am I feeling so nervous?? Maybe its because I DO run there all the time and I SHOULD do fairly well but today I am not expecting to do so well!
When I arrived there was a very small crowd, which I was pleased with usually for me the smaller the better my chances of placing. However my mistake the race didn't start until 8:30 so the crowd slowly started to grow. All in all it still wasn't that bad but I still felt nervous, then they separated the walkers and let them go first so that took out a few what I thought was some my age. So I started feeling better about it.
Look I am smiling!! As we began the race my knees felt weak and tingly like. Then I told myself this is crazy you know this place no matter which way you turn it around or weave it around it is still the same place you come to ALL the time. Get with it!! So I started a slow and steady pace. Twila has been rockin' these things so I thought as long as I can keep her in my sights I am good. Then there is Betty...she is in her 60's and still rocks these things!! And what do ya know I had her in my sights as well. Sorry Betty we Love ya but it sure makes us feel good to keep up with ya!! And Then I passed her, although she passed me up by the end it felt good for those few seconds(possibly minutes). As the end was getting closer I could tell that slow steady pace I was planning on wasn't there and I wasn't doing too bad at the pace I had(mile one was 8:20=WOW) but I knew it was on me, I took 2 small walk breaks(a total of 1:53 walking).
Look at me going strong!!
We I rounded the corner and knew the finish was just ahead, the strong finish thought kicked in, was I ready. Don't know but let's do it, so I gave it all I had and what do ya know, are you kidding me.....I got a PR!!! 27:30 That is my best 5k finish time since I began these things in June 2009!! I felt great!! Once again I think I felt the "runners' high"! Now I couldn't wait for awards. The age groups went my 10's which usually isn't in my favor, we have some fast ladies around in the 30 - 39 group!!
YAY!! I got 2nd not too shabby for someone who didn't think she was going to do so well!!

At this time I want to take a moment to thank Steve(that's moms bfriend). Mom, the historian, photographer, extra person you need, had to go to work right after I crossed the finish line. So she handed camera duties over to Steve. He did a GREAT job, he took the pic of me with my award winning mug and shiny silver key chain!! So here's to you Steve "Thanks for staying to take the pics, you did a great job!! Also thanks for taking the time to come to the last two races, the more support the better! Knowing there are people on the side lines actually watching me helps me get thru that extra push that I need." (Also need to thank papaw he's attended the last two as well!!)


misszippy said...

Great job! It's so much fun to PR.

Genesis said...

woohoo! congrats on the PR

C~~O~~U~~R~~T~~N~~E~~Y said...

Way to go, speedy!

Julie said...

Hi Bobbie,
Way to rock it girl!! Congrats on another fantastic PR:)

Tara said...

Yay! Way to go on your PR! Congrats!

Chris said...

Congrats on your PR! What and awesome time.

Jamie said...

Awesome! Congrats on the PR and your AG award!