Friday, December 24, 2010

How's your Holiday going........

Yesterday was the first day of my holiday from work. I knew for sure I would run and knew I would be solo so I wasn't sure how far I would go.  When I got up and ready to head out I was still unsure so I just decided I would just go as far as my legs would take me. I am also trying to learn to slow my pace down a lot so I will have the confidence to run a marathon. I started off with the loop at our local park and headed into town. It was around 30 degrees and I was feeling great! Once I got to town I had a Pineapple Roctane GU and I don't know if it was because it was cold outside or what but it was almost frozen like and I enjoyed it that much more thinking I might start putting mine in the fridge, oh and have I told you how much I LOVE Pineapple Roctane GU? It is the GREATEST!! So anyway off I was and away I went, I never looked down at my watch, focused on running at a comfortable slower pace, and started thinking about the marathon. Do I really think I can do it, am I really up for it, I don't want to fail at it, I really really want to do it.....Then what do you know I looked at my watch and I was at 4.62mi! Wow that went by fast! So I thought I better head back to the car. I ended up with 8mi total in 1:17 and felt GREAT the entire time!

That night we went to eat with my awesome friend/running buddy Sheri and she mentioned running 5mi today. I told her as long as she didn't want to be speedy I would go also. Well when I got up this morning I had one little ounce of "No I'm not going" until I logged on facebook and Sheri posted that WE was running! That was all the motivation I needed to get on out the door!! THANK YOU SHERI!!! Plus we decided last night we would have coffee at the Hub when we finished~YUM! Off we went and we agreed not too fast, I actually felt great again my legs didn't feel tired at all, I was one happy runner girl:) We was only at 4mi when we came up to the coffee shop and decided it was coffee time. At least we did get in 4mi and it was under 40 I think 39:47ish!!! YAY!!!

Hope your Holiday is off to an Awesome start as well!!! Don't forget to enter my ISIS Hat Giveaway!



Caroline said...

Merry Christmas!
I got my box today!
thank you so much!!!

Detroit Runner said...

Congrats on the great run. Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas! I'll have to try the GU in the fridge!

Karen said...

Great job on your 8 mi and your 4 mi run! Hope you had a great Christmas! :0)