Wednesday, March 28, 2012

WIR- I was on Cloud 9 A new 5k PR!!

Tuesday 3/20- Run/walk 3mi/41:17 Step & Tone Aerobics
Thursday 3/22- Run 1mi/ No Garmin no time  Step & Tone Aerobics
Saturday 3/24- Rocket Runner 5k- Time posted below
Sunday 3/25- Run 10mi/1:40:59

Didn't really do much this week, not sure why maybe just because I didn't feel like it, LOL! Tuesday I had planned on running the entire 3mi with my buddy Shalan, however in aerobics we did a bunch of step up step down and jumping jacks my legs were DEAD and felt like lead weights!! I was able to run about 1.5mi and said forget it lets just walk the rest, thankfully Shalan was ok with that also. Thursday was pretty much the same, both of us did aerobics then we ran a mile and called it quits. Something is better than nothing:)

My other buddy Sarah and I talked about the 5k we was doing Saturday, both of us wanted to get a PR. I had ran the course before so I was a little familiar with it and didn't really think I could get a PR. I felt pretty good that morning but still wasn't too sure of myself. I must admit the first thing I do when I arrive for 5k's is to try and size up my competition, the ones in my age group. We saw a lady dressed like a pro and I just knew she was going to be the one I had to beat. My mom, the wonderful mother she is, followed her into the bathroom to check her bib out for her age~ Thanks Mom:) and sure enough she was in my age group. (Thankfully Sarah and I are in different age groups:) So I started making a plan in my mind. Sarah asked me what I was shooting for as we was waiting to start, I said "26:45". The plan I made was to hold back the first half and pick it up the second half. I kept my competition within reach the entire first half and inched closer and closer during the second half, so close that I was right on her heels! I kept an eye on the Garmin for the distance I didn't want to give it all I had too early and get passed at the end. Then all of a sudden "she" stopped?? Her shoe had come untied!! And I kept on rolling:) Again I never look at my pace or time only distance but I still felt good and  maybe just a little out of breath but I kept pushing on. When I made the final turn to the finish shoot I saw the time clock and couldn't believe my eyes.....

I think I was in Shock at my time?!?!
It said 24:50 and I KICKED IT!! My finish time ended up being 24:57 which is a new PR for me!!!! I was totally shocked, surprised and Happy:) I didn't even feel like I ran that "hard" which is even better!! Not only did I get a PR but everyone in my "circle of friends" did!! Made the morning even BETTER!!!

Sunday morning I met up with Shalan for the last long run before Run the Bluegrass. Do to her work schedule she hasn't been able to run as much as she would like so when we set out for 10mi we just planned to take it as we felt, if we felt like walking we would. I decided to make the plan of running 2mi at a time then we would walk for .25 with the exception of the last big hill coming back and we walked a little longer than .25! To our surprise our overall pace ended up being 10:05. So I told her I think we should try that at the half this weekend, hopefully it will work out! This week I am pretty much doing nothing just so I will have rested legs for this awful hilly half and now I'm wondering .......

Is it a good idea to do nothing all week before a half ~or~ should I get in at least one day of running? What do you think???

Feeling good at the start of the Race

Us Awesome 1st place finishers in our age groups:)


(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

I think you should run a couple of short runs the week before your half.

I want to Run the Bluegrass next year! Good luck!

Suz and Allan said...

Congrats on a new 5K PR!

Crystal said...

congrats on your PR!