Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Iron Horse Half Marathon- 3rd Time wasn't a Charm

Sunday October 13, 2013 Gerard & I (and a few friends) ran our 3rd half this year and the first of my 4 fall halfs! The Iron Horse is held in the lovely beautiful town of Midway, KY. This half isn't the easiest as it is a very rolling course, in fact here is what the web site says "The course is typical rolling Bluegrass countryside".

This is also my 3rd year running the Iron Horse, even though it is a challenging course I enjoy this race and the challenge of it! The first two years I was oh so close to 1:59 I sorta thought it might happen for me this year but race day came way before I was "trained" and ready for a 1:59! But I was ok with that I had already come to terms with "whatever happens happens" and that's it! Gerard said he was going to stay with me but I told him not to worry about me and run his own race........

Miles 1 - 4 - 9:35; 9:09; 9:08; 9:14
 I was told in the past that they reversed the course each year and I was looking forward to that, I was pretty disappointed when it went out the same as last year. I really didn't feel too bad and the weather was perfect it was a cool 40*ish and sunny! Midway is a very small little town so they cap this off at 1500 runners and the famous Jeff Galloway has been there and run it the last two years! I however have never seen him there but I thought my mom said she did this year. Miles 2 and 3 were perfect as far as pace and just over all. The course is pretty neat actually, you start in the center of town go out to the left almost 4mi turn around and keep going out the other direction of town about 4mi to turn around back to starting point.  I had to go pee from the start (even though I went!!) but I was hoping I would sweat it out or hold it as long as I could.
I like this one from the start, it almost looks like our arms are interlocked~sweet!

Miles 5 - 8- 9:48; 11:04; 9:49; 10:00
Gerard was still right with me even when I had to walk a few steps right before mile 5. This half of the course has more of the rolling type of hills or up & over type hills. I decided to go ahead and stop for potty break during mile 6 which was also a water/sports drink stop. With the sinus drainage I was having I was thirsty! I got 2 waters (they were little Styrofoam cups that was only about half full) and a sports drink which I usually don't do until towards the end just in case of stomach issues. When we crossed the half way point the time was around 1:03 I knew 1:59 was out of the question but I could still hit my secret A goal I had in mind 2:05-2:10. And then by mile 7 I knew I was in trouble BIG trouble! My stomach was hurting and I'm sure it was from that dang sports drink I don't even know what kind it was but again I drank it way to early.
My Superman:) Love his silly self so much! That's me tucked in behind him Half Way Point

Miles 9 - 12- 11:44; 10:14; 11:32; 11:39
The hills on this half of the course in my opinion are the hardest, they are longer more like a mile long or longer with not as much down hill. By mile 8½-9 I was pretty much done I told Gerard he was just going to have to go on and not worry about me. He told me to come on a couple of times until he said I was starting to get hateful with him that's when he left me LOL! Then I started thinking really the longest training run we did was 8-9 miles, yes I know that is enough for some people but not for me I need those 10 - 12 milers to feel more comfortable and ready for a half. There was an older than me gentleman in front of me that had a good slower pace going so I tried my best to pace it with him, I was beside him for a while and talked to him he said it was his first time running this half and how brutal the hills was. I told him it was my 3rd year running it and my slowest by a lot his response "Why? What the hell is wrong with you? Do you have to much shit going on in your life or something?" Ok that was a little strange coming from someone who doesn't know me nor has ever meet me before! Mile 12  and 13 are almost completely uphill and by far the hardest!

Almost finished

Mile 13- .12- 12:22; 9:42
Oh my goodness was this thing ever going to be over! The sun had come out it was getting warm, my hamstrings were hurting I was ready to be DONE! There was a younger girl in a purple tank top that I had seen around me just about the entire time she was walking so I pushed myself to get to her and walk with her and talk with her a little might as well make some friends out there right?? It was her first half ever and she admitted she wasn't ready for the hills either. I tried to coach us along to the finish by running ¼ mile then walking ¼ mile until we finished. And that is pretty much what we did! I felt honored to finish right beside her:)
That deserves a High Five for sure!


This was also my newest running buddy/friend's first half ever (that I talked her into LOL!) as well. I by no means am a running coach or coach of any kind but I am so SUPER impressed and PROUD of her she did REALLY AWESOME!!

She might just be a little proud of herself! She should be!!

And it was an AWESOME day for my best friend/running buddy Sheri, the one I began and have shared many of my running experiences with:)
She finished in 1:59:34!! Yay Sheri GREAT JOB!!

Enough Already- Part 2

Oh yes its time for another *Enough Already post.........

*I really wish our youngest daughter would get the memo **ENOUGH ALREADY** That girl is driving me nuts and totally working on my patience, nerves, parenting skills (which I obviously stink at) and everything else she can do! I always knew from day one of her birth that she would be more of the trouble maker child BUT I NEVER dreamed it would be like this!

*I have been working for fourteen days yes 14 days to write my next post! Stress has gotten the best of me and left me at a loss of words or desire to write BUT I'm getting out of that. You can't dwell on everything and You can't let stress get the best of you to take away from stuff you enjoy!

*Enough Already on stress eating, that's what I'm blaming it on anyway. In August I decided I was going to buckle down and not really diet but try to eat better(since I have gained 15lbs this year WTF?!?!??) and watch what I eat and eat more at home rather than out. I did fairly well all of August and most of September in fact in those two months I lost 8lbs!! Well now I've put 3 back on, so **Enough Already** self and get with it!


*My running ability is getting better but I'll save that for another post:)


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Happiest 5k on the Planet- Recap

Last Saturday my friend Sherry her 3yr old daughter and I participated in The Color Run at Elizabethtown, KY. I have never been real anxious to do a Color Run but the thoughts of getting to do it with my friends daughter really excited me~ Hello Road Trip with the "Girls"!! Whoo Hoo!!
Before we got "colored"

And this was Maddie's first 5k ever! I was so pleased to be able to be a part of that!
Look at that sweet face:)

I asked Sherry to write up a little something about their experience to share with you! So here is what she had to say!

My 3 yr old daughter walked a color run with our friend Bobbie. This was also her first 5K. She was so excited. We talked about what fun we would have and how 
dirty we would get. All seemed good. We start in the race and she decides she 
wants to run a bit. We are good with that. Whatever and however to make this fun for her. She would tell us when to run or when to walk. We go through a set of 
colors and all is fun. She even decides to play a game of tag while we are 
walking. Tag with a 3 yr old is interesting. We would be walking and all of a 
sudden she would go "tag" and then take off running. There is no slowing down. 
There is only sudden stops! She definitely kept us on our toes! By the time we go through the second set of colors she decides she doesn't like for her shoes to 
get dirty! The third set of colors I'm pretty much drag her through. She then 
shuts off. She is done with this. But we still have a mile left! Last set of 
colors she decides to go around the colors while we go through. That seemed to 
help. When we finished the race she is still kind of pouting. But the key is we 
didn't quit. She stuck with it. Bobbie talked her into throwing color on me and 
that seemed to brighten her mood. We then had a mini color fight. By the time we took after color run pictures she decides she didn't want to smile either. You 
never know what expressions your gonna get. By the time we got back to our truck and changed her clothes and shoes she was as good as new. Clean clothes and flops make her day!! Even now she is so proud to say she did a 5K with her momma and 
friend Mrs. Bobbie. 
Sherry L Peavler

This has to rank pretty high on my list of "Fun & Exciting" times while running!

Me & my wonderful MOM- Be sure to check out her blog too!

The announcer was Great! Full of energy!

Blue was first
I LOVE this photo!

 The after color fight

Not as Happy after

Not as "colored" as I thought we would be

Yep I'm a dork!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Tips on Training a Dog to Run??

So a couple of months ago I posted about our new dog Miles that actually ended up having to be my Papaws dog but I still take him to run:) I typically try to take him at least once a week. The first couple of miles are the worst! He wants to take off like a maniac super fast,  goes from side to side and likes to stop and tinkle on every bush sign or pole we see! But after that its great, he slows down to whatever pace I want to be at, doesn't stop as much and will typically stay on one side.

This  is from our first run together
 I have decided there are several pros and cons on running with a dog.

*Great Running Buddy that's always ready to go for a run
*He is going to make me faster even if I like it or not (LOL)
*Good for running uphill as he "pulls" me along
*Great quality time together
*Much needed exercise for BOTH of us

*Criss Crossing in front of me- We have almost had several falls from this but none yet thankfully!
Last night I almost lost my pinkie due to a squirrel sighting but I blame myself for having the leash around my little finger.

The first couple of times I ran with him I just used his regular collar and leash but now we have a harness, that was the best $25 spent! Running with him has been much easier and enjoyable since we got the harness and it helps my Papaw walking him as well.

Do any of you run with your dog(s)? If so I would like to hear some training tips!! How do you teach them to stay on one side of you and not criss cross back and forward?  How do you keep there pace under control and adjustable to your pace? What is the best kind of leash and/or harness to use?

Tomorrow my "newest" running friend, her 3 year old daughter and I will be running the
Don't forget you can save $5 on any Color Run with the code on my sidebar

 Whoo Hoo! Look out fun Here we come!!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Alright Enough Already....

Ok I've been having a "pep" talk with myself for a few weeks now and I have (or am trying to tell myself)
"Alright Enough Already"! And what does that mean? Well for me its this:

*Enough skipping out on my blog!! Get myself together and quit putting it off!! Who cares if no one reads what I have to say, my blog is a place and chance for ME let my feelings out!

*Enough feeling sorry on myself because I'm not as fast as I was last year.

*Enough dwelling on the things I can not change or control.

*Enough of our youngest daughter being out of control and doing her crazy stuff she's been doing! (Hence one of the main reasons I have been absent from my blog!!)

*Enough putting things off that needs to be done TODAY for a time when I feel like it (which is usually never lol!), DO things DAILY so I don't get so far behind on EVERYTHING!

From this day forward (hopefully) I AM pulling myself together! I AM COMING BACK!!

What are some things you do to help pull yourself out of a "funk" or hard spot?
Send me some good vibes and tell me something good going on in your life right now??!!