Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pokey Pig 5k, Lazy Blogger

I have been wanting to "win" one of those blogging awards but I think the only one I can win is Lazy Blogger! I have so MUCH blogging that I am behind on its not even funny. Why? The only thing I can come up with is just being lazy, on top of all of everyday life's chores adventures and such. Seriously how do some of you fit it all in?? So if there is such, go ahead and send it my way the Lazy Blogger right here!

Probably the only thing I "collect" is pigs. I LOVE everything with pigs on it! I like pigs so much that I do NOT eat any pork products at ALL and the only reasons is because I like Pigs! There is a local town that has a Ham Days festival with a Pokey Pig 5k, being the pig collector/lover I am this race was definitely for me. (Last year I wanted to do this one and when I woke up it was pouring rain and I decided not to go, would have been my first race in the rain and I chickened out~ got paid back by mother nature my first rain race ended up being my first half marathon!)
I headed into this race confident, told everyone I know I "AM" winning a pig medal. I have never felt that confident going into a race before so I started to let it get to me right before start. There was a big crowd(about 300 participants) but seemed to be lots of kids. We started right in the front, thinking I might get trampled but I wasn't moving back any farther. Off we go (nice course made a square around the town back to the start) and I was rolling down the first block when I heard Sheri yell out "UGHHH! Move out of the WAY!" Several of those kids jumped up to the start also, ran as hard as they could and stopped about the end of the first block right in front of us. Getting past the "inexperienced" kids and runners/walkers was a little harder than I care for. Passed the first mile marker at 8:06 ~wow for me! My pace slowed a little after that and then I came to the gravel part, it was noted on the map of the course that a small portion was in gravel however I think it was about .75mi  to 1mi of gravel! I do not enjoy gravel and with an upcoming half I didn't want to take any chances of twisting an ankle or something so I slowed it down a little more. Until second wind Sheri was beside me sailing right along (she does so much better than me on the second half of any run we do!) and I was going to stay with her so I picked it back up a bit. We rounded the corner down to the finish line, she was speeding up passed a man and I was determined I was going to pass him also, so I sprinted as fast as I could and passed him to finish with another new PR!! 3.12 miles = 26:28!! Heck ya I like it! And I got me one of those pig medals I KNEW I was taking home!
After the awards we had already decided we was going to put in another 7mi to get in a total of 10mi for our long run. This was one of the best longs runs I have had! I felt comfortable and was able to keep up pretty well the entire run. Along with my fast 3 miles during the race I finished 10mi in 1:33:27 and was very pleased with that! I am hoping I can keep up this pace for our upcoming half, my last one was 2:26 so this time I am shooting for 2:15 anything better than that is SUPER!!
Love me some Pigs!

I haven't forgot I still need to share about my "Serres" swag planning on posting that later along with a giveaway!


Emz said...

YAY awesome photos!

Love the pigs!

Go get that 2:!5!!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats!! Way to get that pig medal!!

Teamarcia said...

Congrats! We need a close up of that pig medal!

Lesley @ said...

Holy smokes!!! If you can run an 8 minute mile, you have it made on that 2:15. Woo-hoo!!! That is an awesome 5k time.

Sheridan Lee said...

Love it! Missed running/biking tonight! See you tomorrow hopefully!

Zaneta said...

haha! love the kissy pig photo! ;) CONGRATS on the PR and medal! How fun is that, that you KNEW you were going to get a piggy medal?! :D

Darlene said...

Great pace! Congrats on the medal!!

Cynthia O'H said...

Congrats on the medal. We have a friend who also adores pigs; she has them all over the house.
Glad your long runs are feeling more and more comfortable.