Friday, June 17, 2016

Friday's Five- Just some Stuff

I LOVE pigs they are so cute! 

1. This has been  a LONG week and I don't really know why but I am so THANKFUL that today is FRIDAY!!!

2.Weight loss has been wonderful this week 1.25 pounds a week is the goal and this week I was down 2.8 which means I doubled last weeks loss!! I am hoping and thinking this is going to work out for me and I will reach my ultimate goal sooner than I think I will as now my husband is on board!! He is very extreme on dieting though, some days I have to tell him to SHHHH and let me do what I want I am not as disciplined as him......

3. My Mom is the best supporter anyone could EVER ask for. Not only does she fully encourage me but everyone at the races and such. She cheers for us, takes the BEST pictures of us, holds stuff for us and volunteers for us you really couldn't ask for any better! Well right now she is taking part in the Great Cycle Challenge and is raising money for Children's Cancer! The month is half way over and she is still a ways from her goal. If you can please consider donating to her cause.....every little bit helps! CLICK HERE to DONATE

                                         Ruby Cline Eaton

4.I hate to keep going on and on about this but I have really struggled this week with the friend issue. I thought I was at the point I was ready to move on and get over it but for some reason I have been really dwelling on it this week. There are just answers I need/want and won't be given for whatever reason. I don't handle situations well and will usually end up acting out or saying things I don't really want to say just because my feeling are hurt that is the point I was trying not to reach unfortunately I think its too late I am already there. Just as a reminder to myself I WILL BE OK I CAN MOVE ON LIFE DOES GO ON!

5. I haven't ran much but running has been good for me this week. Thursday morning I ran with my BRF . I wasn't too sure how great I would do I was feeling a little worn out from the week. He said all he wanted a little better than our last morning run.  Well what do you know we was 3 minutes better than our last run!! I still struggle and my hashtag still applies #IamaWorkinProgress but running is getting much much better for me :)

I have 3 races on tap for this weekend two 5k's and a 6k!  I love going to the races :)
What is up for your Weekend??


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The Picture Lady said...

T~I~M~E ! It takes time for everything to work out, Adulting Sucks, But your still a powerful person. Just look in the mirror.

Thanks for the shout outs and all your doing to get the word out for my cycle challenge,

Love you Bunches.