Tuesday, June 14, 2016

2016 (Blanton's) Bourbon Derby Half - Paris, KY

This past Saturday (June 11) was the 2016 Bourbon Derby Half Marathon. All week well actually for about a week and a half leading up to the race it was EXTREMELY HOT & HUMID and was predicted to be the hottest day of the week.....ugghh I was so not looking forward to that heat! Last year was about the same weather and I think it kept several people from returning again the crowd was very low, in fact two of my friends didn't come back due to the heat. My running has gotten better but with this heat I sure didn't want to push myself for any reason at all!!

Look at how much we are "Glistening" before we even get started!

Thankfully the race started at 7:30 am although it was already starting to get so stinking humid it didn't really matter. This was my 2nd year for this event I remember it being very hilly but I thought I remembered several sections that was shady, that thought was wrong! 

I asked my friend Mindy if I could run with her and we decided we would run as much as we could and walk whenever we needed to. Walking came way earlier than I wanted but I just couldn't hang in there I think it was several different reasons but it was working for both of us so we rolled with it.  Mindy's family was working a water stop so it was great to see them and stop and chat for a few seconds :) we even stopped for selfies with them!

I felt pretty good before the race and kinda felt like I might have a decent run. My wall for a half usually hits at mile 8. I slowly started losing it about mile 7½. The coolest thing ever, some people that lived on the course set up their own water stop and a running SHOWER! I don't like getting my shoes wet so I chose not to stand under it but Mindy did! Mile 8 we hit the horse farm area and there was NO SHADE AT ALL! Mindy told me several time "You should've stood under the shower I am so much cooler now" dang it I should have listened cause I was burning up!  By mile 10 I felt like my whole body was on fire!! Mile 11 I told Mindy she could go and not stay with me the heat had really got to me and I was probably  going to walk the last 2 miles, I ran/walked as much as possible  but from 12.3 on I walked to the final turn to the finish. The best thing was my awesome little  buddy came and walked with me to the finish with me! I was so great full for her at that moment  as I was starting  to let all of my negatives  take me over but when you have a super happy friendly  energetic  9 year old that is so happy to see you it kinda pushes the negatives  away!

This was by far my slowest  half to date but with as hot as it was and me just trying  to "come back" I am more than happy  that I  finished ! I knew the heat  was cooking  me I threw up a little  bit  after I finished  but felt much better  afterwards !!

                            Hooray we all survived the crazy heat & humidity ! !

What was Your hottest  race? Ever have to DNA because  of it?


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