Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Not much today

As I stated in one of my last post(s), we had snack day at work so dieting this week has sucked :(! I am really wanting to loose a couple of pounds but gosh it is terribly hard when you REALLY LOVE all the foods that aren't good for you! Also the boss is taking us out to eat for admin professional day (but we aren't going until friday) so that will be another day of not eating good food. Guessing I will work a little harder next week. I did work on my changes for my 3 changes challenge. On Monday I worked for 30 mins on strength training!! Normally when my hubbs & I hit the gym I go run and he does weight training but since my half marathon training is over I said that is something I need to focus more on, so I was proud of myself for doing a whole 30mins.

I am still deciding on my blogging schedule. Where I work solely depends on customers coming in to be waited on so I usually have free time in the day to blog! Right now I am thinking this:
                    Monday: Plans for the week
                    Wednesday: Mid week update
                     Friday: Weekend Plans & such
                     Saturday: Race report(s)
                     Once a month I will be posting a ***GIVEAWAY*** list. I will update this list as I find (and as the come up) new giveaways!! Please be sure to keep checking the list as it will change from time to time!!

Anyone who wants me to include their race reports please let me know, I would be HAPPY to do so!!

Until next post.......Keep on Running!!

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