Monday, January 9, 2012


Yesterday Sheri and I went out for a (somewhat) long run down the good ole' country road we always train on. As we were heading out a small Jack Russell dog was on the corner running around. Being SUPER cute we stopped and pet her thinking her owner would be out shortly to get her. We started to run again and the cutie followed us. We got about a mile in and I stopped to use the port a potty and I told the dog "You better go back home sweetie, if you are going with us its for the long haul of 7mi!"  Sure enough she continued on with us! We discussed what we would be doing with this dog the entire run. My hubz would kill me if I brought her home so Sheri had decided she would if we didn't find the owner. I told her we should name her Brook since we wear Brooks shoes but Sheri wanted to call her June. That little dog was the best entertainment ever, we would stop every couple of miles to give her (and us) a little rest except that little dog didn't know the meaning of rest! She would take off in the fields and just run and jump~ Super CUTE!! And although it was a little slower she was an excellent pacer :) We fell in LOVE with this dog! We were almost completely finished with entire 7mi and a car pulled up, I knew they were looking for "June" and yep they was! Turns out her name was Baylee (which is one of my daughters names). Although relieved to find her owners, we were kind of sad. We really liked this adorable dog and had planned on taking her for runs as often as possible! Talk about bittersweet :/


misszippy said...

Maybe you can go back and ask the owner if you can borrow her for runs on occasion?! ; )

Running Moose said...

It sounds like it's time for a dog running partner! Check out the shelters near you and find that Runner!!

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

i totally had this happen once in a small town in iowa and it was really fun, i wanted to get a dog afterwards!