Monday, January 23, 2012

WIR- Getting Better & Zipfizz Winners

Monday 1/16- Run 3mi 27:20
Tuesday 1/17- Aerobics
Thursday 1/19-Aerobics
Friday 1/20- Run 3mi 27:27
Sunday 1/22- Run 6mi 57:43

Hooray last week was the first week since Jan 1 that I actually got in 5days of exercise:) Yay me!! Now to just keep it up and add more to it, intensity wise.  Tuesday my best friend had surgery I took off work to be at the hospital with her and her family thinking I would have time to go home before aerobics class, well barely did I have time! She got out of surgery at a about 4:15pm which left me just enough time to drive home change for class and head back to the gym, ugghh I hate making waisted trips into town so wish I would have taken my gym stuff with me! I decided to use a heavier Kettle Bell in class and HOLY COW I could sure feel it Wednesday!! But as my hubs said "That's what you want to feel! Burn BABY!" he loves lifting weights.  Friday I had planned a run with my friend Shalan and am so thankful I did otherwise I would have done NOTHING at all! There was a small chance of rain Friday afternoon so I checked the weather radar before leaving work, it showed nothing but it was looking awful out. But we ran anyway. With about a mile left to go I had to stop for an unplanned potty break when I came out of the gas station and we took off it began it pour rain~ nothing like a downpour to make you do some speed work!  I really wanted to do a longer run on Sunday but once again it was one of those talk myself into days so I just told myself to just go and see how far I "felt" like going.  6mi is what I ended up with could have/should have done more but hey at least I did something!

I am still having a hard time with my body adjusting to days and days of exercise. Just about every part on my aches in some way or another, I went to get a couple of Aleve and noticed that I have two(2) FULL bottles unopened as well as half of the current bottle and I have two(2) FULL tubes of Tylenol Precise cream! Why do I have all of this? Oh yea from marathon training last year I couldn't get enough of either of those items:) so glad I still have them looks like I am in need of them again!!(But not for marathon training yet anyway!) So how long does (or will) it take for me to adjust and not feel so tired or sore???

And finally the two LUCKY Zipfizz winners are:
Ellen Holley from Sucking Air (awesome blog title :)
Christy from My Dirt Road Anthem
Please send me an EMAIL with your mailing info and I will pass it on to the fine folks at Zipfizz!
Thank you all for following my Journey!! And WELCOME new followers!!


Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

Yay! going to send you an email now

Crystal said...

drink lots of water, that helps with the pain too bc it flushes out the lactic acid and such. :) good luck!

BigHappyFamily said...

Congrats to the winners.

Suz and Allan said...

Great job logging 12 miles!

Congrats to the winners!