Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Week In Review(WIR) -From a Pat on the Back To a Kick In the A$$

Yes my friends that is what I NEED, a kick in the A$$ to get me going! Here's how my pathetic week looked last week:

Tuesday 1/10- Aerobics
Wednesday 1/11- Ran 3mi 28:24
Sunday 1/15- Ran 8mi 1:18:20

I just didn't have the get up and go this week. Monday I went grocery shopping and instead of doing both running and shopping I decided on one. Tuesday I went to aerobics class. Wednesday I was on the fence again about running, should I go or not?? Sent the hubz a text saying I think I am being lazy once again and skipping my run. However once I stepped outside after work and felt how warm it was I quickly changed my mind and decided to run~ I think Mother Nature was/is confused I was able to run in shorts on January 11! That warm weather was short lived because it finally snowed for the first time on Thursday:) and it started really coming down so I skipped out on aerobics.

Sundays long run went pretty well, should have since I hadn't done anything all week! We decided to run in town which is mostly flat. My overall pace is way off from where it needs to be for a 1:59:59 half but I still have time to work on that I just need to get back in routine of running!!

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Suz and Allan said...

Great job getting out there this week even though I know you want to see more. Hopefully this past week was a better one for you!