Thursday, January 12, 2012

3TT- Aggravated Frustrated Stress

I am having a pity party on myself today so please excuse me. The other day I read Tricia's post at Endurance Isn't Only Physical about I quit and it has had me thinking about my life in general (not really on blogging just in general). I think these three things pretty much sum up my general everyday feelings I have been having for several months:

1. Aggravated- Just plain ole aggravated in myself for feeling down, worthless, not sure as to even why I "try" to think I am a runner, feeling like I let everyone down I could go on and on but no one really enjoys reading depressing thoughts. I am good at hiding these thoughts however if you was around me you would probably have a hard time seeing this in me.

2. Frustrated- In the fact that I have let myself get in this shape. Why have I let my feelings get so out of control. Why can I not seem to get back into MY routine of running and eating better (not healthy not too many healthy options I like but not JUNK all of the time!!) I have good intentions on getting back but just can't seem to commit to it! I always say "Only You YOURSELF have the power to HELP yourself. Until YOU believe it no one else can make you." so why can't I convince myself of that.

3. Stress- About everything. Why I don't know I have went from being the most care free person to worrying about everything and letting everything get me "down".  I am not a good talker about my feelings person so I am putting it on here Hope I don't bring any one else down ~Sorry!

Its all ok though it will get better (I hope:)


mommaof3ontherun said...

Oh I hear you! I was with you. I even put my blog on "hold" and considered deleting it. Blocked it from anyone even accessing it. I was so down because I couldn't get in the groove. And that made me even more down. I am working on my groove again. I feel better! I hope that you get there again! It's not always easy!

{lifeasa}RunningMom said...

I am so sorry to hear you are in a tough spot right now. Life can be so overwhelming and honestly, woman can be so darn hard on themselves. You are wonderful and I know that since you were able to put it out to the world about how badly you are feeling right now. That is a strong person. Hang in will get better. :)

Suz and Allan said...

I hope things have been better for you this past week. Please accept my apologies for being so far behind in reading and commenting on your blog!