Sunday, January 8, 2012

Giving Myself a Pat on the Back

I must say I AM proud of myself for putting in exercise. I "LOVE" having something to train for! Here is how my week went:

Monday- Run 4mi 37:21
Tuesday- Aerobics & Toning
Wednesday- Run 3mi 26:52
Thursday- Aerobics & Toning
Sunday- Run 7mi 1:09:51

I am not big on Resolutions but I did decide that I WAS getting myself back into fitness and not just running. I want to put some serious work into my core and arms which in turn I think will make me a better runner. During the month of November I went to the aerobics class at my gym and really liked it, then I took my "break" in December and am now returning. I know I have to work myself up but HOLY COW I felt like I had been run over by a truck after the first night at aerobics! They do a lot of arm toning exercises also so I really like the class, some of the moves are a little challenging on the step but again hopefully with time I will get them down :)

I am also trying to get back into a regular running routine. I was going to run Friday as well as we had perfect weather for it but I was tired and it made me think about it. Maybe I shouldn't go "All In" at once and kind of work my way up going from just running 4 - 5 miles a week into 14 is a fairly big jump!

Now I have a question for you blogger friends. How would you recommend (or have you ) start a new routine? Do you just "jump" into 5 -6 days of exercise or slowly build the days up 3-4 then on to 5-6?


Penny said...

I hate to say this, but I tend to be an all or nothing girl. My 2nd marathon I was training solo. But 4wk before the marathon a lady from church decided to join the same gym I was at. Now we are running partner. Since October I have workout everyday, with the exception of when the town had no electricity. For me I dont like to take days off because that can throw me into a lazy mode. Even when I get to the gym and I dont go all out aleast I am there doing something for me. Working out just makes me have more energy for the day and feel better about myself.

Suz and Allan said...

I like to try a few things out and see what works best for me and then go from there but I like Penny tend to be an all or nothing. When I started running I ran every day and granted it was only for a mile but 7 miles in one week was more than I'd ever run in a week prior. I just try hard to incorporate things in a way so they become habits.