Tuesday, February 14, 2012

WIR- From 10mi to 25?? Crazy??

Hooray for me, I finally got a FULL week in:

Monday 2/6- Run 3mi/27:41
Tuesday 2/7- Step & Tone (Aerobics)
Thursday 2/8- Step & Tone (Aerobics)
Friday 2/9- Run 6mi/56:30
Saturday 2/10- Run 5k Race(3.10mi)/28:00
Sunday 2/11- Run 13.68mi/2:38:25

Except for the fact that it is stupid & crazy to take your weekly mileage from 10mi to 25 in one week, last week was a pretty good week!

Monday I wasn't really feeling like running so I was thankful that I was scheduled to meet Shalan. I left it up to her how far we wanted to go we happily agreed on 3. I felt slow and sluggish until half way through it. We was also scheduled to run again Wednesday but the hubz got sick at work and went home early so I went straight home after work to be with him (being the awesome wife I am:). Friday's weather was forecast for snow, I was excited it was going to be the first run in snow as we just haven't had any. Sure enough it flurried the entire 6mi:) I stopped for a potty break at the gas station we came back out and the flakes doubled in size WOW what a difference a couple of minutes make! It was really pretty, just didn't enjoy getting hit in the eyeball with flakes! The weather man said we was going to get about 2inches of snow which is big for us, well that didn't happen we ended up with a bunch of slick spots and only a dusting of snow in the grass.

Saturday was another race day (Heart Glove & Sole 5k), I was expecting snow on the ground there has been the last two years that I ran this race so why not this year, the was only a little in the grass areas but there was several slick spots on the race course. I really wanted to place in this one in my age group but having run 6mi the night before, the extreme cold & wind(20* with 25mph wind made the wind chill feel like 10*) I was happy to finish in 28mins flat although I didn't place! While waiting for the race I heard a gentleman beside me talking about how he wanted to finish the race in 27mins or under, so I just asked him if that was his goal for the race. Come to find out this was his first race ever and since that was also my hopeful plan to finish 27 or under he decided he wanted to line up and stay with me!

My new Friend!
We walked and talked to the starting line, I learned all about him, he was a talker :) as we were standing there waiting to start he looked down and found 2pennies and a nickle tried to pick them  up but they was frozen to the ground in which he kicked the pennies free and said "here ya go a lucky penny for you and me!" Wow thanks! When the race started so much for staying together cause he took off FAST!! Had I not ran 6mi the  night before I maybe could have stayed with him as I could see him ahead of me the entire race until the very end. Lucky for him on his first race he placed 2nd in his age group!!

Then Sunday came along and I had already agreed to go practice the upcoming Run the Bluegrass half marathon course with Sarah (another friend met through running:) and well I think I will save that for another post all on its own........................................... *to be continued**

Oh yea I look like a "serious" runner, LOL!!


kimert said...

That is some serious mileage! Way to go. Great paces. YOU DO look like a serious runner..because you are! Awesome!

Sarah said...

each one of those hills deserves their own post! LOL

Suz and Allan said...

Great job this week!!!