Wednesday, February 8, 2012

WIR- A Race - A Review- And some Randomness

Last week was an ok week, still not much in the running department as far as miles but I am finally feeling focused on getting my mileage up! Here is how my week went:

Monday 1/30- Run 2.38mi/21:44
Tuesday 1/31- Step & Tone Aerobics
Thursday 2/2- Step & Tone Aerobics
Friday 2/3- Run 5mi/50:05
Saturday 2/4- Run 3.15mi/31:27

Along with most parts of the US, we here in Ky have had some wonderful winter weather, temps in the 50's with sunshine although windy most days. Monday was one of those days, I text the Hubz to see if maybe he would be interested in going for an easy run and he DID :) He doesn't run all of the time just when he wants to, my legs were tired from the miles from the day before so I wanted an easy run. He was running like a SPEED DEMON, well to me anyway! I was glad though because it made me push harder than I would have alone~ thanks again Hubz Love Ya :)  I have been doing "long runs" with my friend Shalan, I should be at a much longer run by now but I am just thankful to have someone to run with. Anyway she stated that she was maybe interested in the run/walk method for the half and she is doing her first marathon in Chicago this fall, so we tried it out Friday. I enjoyed the run/walk method but wasn't too happy with the overall pace (10:00). Which makes me wonder~ Is it possible to complete a Half in under 2hrs using the run/walk method? Any tips on how to do it?

Saturday was my first race of 2012, I mostly do 5k races we have lots in our area and I LOVE EM' :) The weather forecast for Saturday wasn't looking too great at all it was showing 90% rain oh yea first race of the year in the rain?? Lucky enough it stopped raining in time for the race BUT when I arrived at the race I found out it was the HORRIBLE cross country course that I despise! Great and it had been raining this will turn into a muddy mess sure wish I had my old shoes! Thank goodness the rain made for a small crowd but that didn't really matter to me I had already decided I was taking my time so I wouldn't hurt myself. There was terrible sink you in the ground mud out on the course and I did take my time but I was proud of myself for only taking two short (15seconds) walk breaks! (Normally on this horrible course I walk lots) Once again I finished with a 10:00 min pace for a finishing time of 31:27 with a small crowd I was the only one in my age group so I walked away with a 1st place ribbon! I was mostly just happy to be at a race, I love going to the races and seeing all of the runners we are kind of a pack here locally ;)
Like several other bloggers I was contacted by Emily with Pure Fit to try out their "All-Natural Award Winning" Bars. I am not a huge fan of protein bars the consistency usually grosses me out and I can't swallow them and the taste usually isn't all that great either. I looked at the web site to get a little info before I agreed to try them out. The flavors sounded yummy and they were invented by a runner so I decided what the heck. I was sent the sampler pack (Purchase your sample pack HERE for only $9.95) shown above with all the flavors: Granola Crunch, Almond Crunch, Berry Almond Crunch, Chocolate Brownie and Peanut Butter Crunch. I gave the Chocolate Brownie to the Hubz so I can not comment myself on it but his reply to is it good was"Its ok tastes kind of like protein powder." On the other hand I CAN comment on the other four flavors= AWESOME!!! I actually really liked these bars!!! I must admit I was shocked that I did like them so much. It would be hard for me to choose my favorite but I think the Berry Almond Crunch had a nice little sweet flavor that I enjoyed. I did not use these PureFit Bars on a run I ate them as part of my breakfast but I don't think I would enjoy it while out I needed water or some liquid to wash them down while eating them. I am also not a good eater or look at the "gluten-free, no dairy vegan" info but I do agree that it has to be better for you and works best on your stomach before or during running.  I believe Robb Dorf has done a FABULOUS job in creating these great tasting PureFit Bars~ Thanks Robb I look forward to purchasing more of them in the future! ( I also like the fact that they encourage you on their packages to Adopt your next dog or cat:)

I was sent the sampler pack of PureFit Bars to try out and give MY opinion on them NOT paid to do so!


Crystal said...

you should get galloway's book about half marathons. he tells you the amount of walk time you should take depending on what your speed is.

I'm SO mad i didn't go to race saturday. we talked about it and decided not to bc it was plummer course and the weather was nasty. by looking at the results i would have medaled!! no one was in my age group..... that'll be the only way i medal and I missed my chance!

Suz and Allan said...

Great job with your race! I'm a run/walk person too so I'm curious to see what you learn.