Thursday, February 2, 2012

WIR- January is Done

So yea last week was another WEAK week but anyway here is how mine went:

Tuesday 1/24- Aerobics (Step & Tone)
Thursday 1/26- Aerobics
Friday 1/27- Run 4mi 38:40
Sunday 1/29- Run 6mi 58:28

As stated in my last post, I am now the mother of an adult~ holy cow time flies! But anyway I had birthday stuff to deal with this week so that is my excuse for another crappy week! (Crappy in my opinion anyway) I am finally starting to understand and pick up on some of the step aerobic moves, its about time since I have been going for a couple of months. Now to just work in a running schedule along with aerobic classes, I am getting there though!

What am I training for anyway???

This is a regular half for me. It was my first half and  the first one held in Lexington, Ky March 2010. This will be the third year for it and they have changed the course this year. I was hoping that this would be my under 2hrs half but after looking at the elevation chart for the new course I am not so sure about that! But there is still about 2months left to train so we shall see what happens!

I had really hoped to get my act together for January and really produce some numbers, not only in mileage but weight loss as well, however neither happened for me :( I ended the month with 49.38miles and actually about +1.5lb ~UGGHHH! I am really hoping the pound+ is the forming of some muscles from the aerobics and such but somehow I just don't think it is! Trying NOT to beat myself up about all of this I am looking forward on to February and hoping for some better numbers!

I am in NEED of SIMPLE EASY good recipes for dinners and snacks?  Unfortunate for me I am not a lover of good for you food which makes it hard to eat healthy! I am trying and maybe if I had some ideas I could work the foods I do like into them:)


Courtney said...

i hope to see you at this race!

Suz and Allan said...

Great job on your 6 mile run! That's a good time. I hope this one will be on my 2013 race calendar!