Thursday, May 24, 2012

WIR- Another Awesome Race 10k This Time & My Graduate

Monday 5/14- Run 5mi/45:00
Tuesday 5/15- Run 4.25mi/39:52  Step & Tone Aerobics
Thursday 5/17- Step & Tone Aerobics
Friday 5/18- ProActive 5k(3.19mi) 26:49
Saturday 5/19- McDowell Wellness 10k 53:04

The previous week I told how my hubz turned into the energizer bunny and took me on a 5mi run, well I took him on one Monday. I hadn't run for 2days and my legs were FRESH and READY to ROLL unfortunate for him, lol! I started out right beside him then got in front of him thinking he was right behind me until I turned to look, he was at least .25 to 1/2mile behind me, oops didn't mean to leave him that far behind:) So I would slow down and wait for him. On our way back to the car he tried to speed up and get the lead on me but I stayed right on his heels and passed him again, one of his friends drove by and said he better speed up:) Bless his heart when we got back to the car he laid down on the sidewalk! Another one of his friends pulled up and asked if he was ok, he replied with "She ran me to death tonight!" Ha! Love It:)))
The next morning I got up for an early morning run and was surprised how well I did. I wasn't really feeling it and told myself to just run how I felt so I was very pleased with the 9:22 overall pace.  Then I took a break for the next couple of days I was just tired and didn't feel like running :(

Friday my girls and I spent all day gone from the house getting Jane's (my car) checkup and shopping only to get home for about 45mins before we left again to head out for me to run the 2nd leg of a Trifecta Series I signed up for (can you tell I enjoy series?). OMG it was very warm and I was not ready for such a hot race! It was miserable, I took off way too fast my miles were slower each one, I even had to take about 10 walking steps but when I saw some of the faster people at the front of the pack walking I felt like it was ok for me to as well! The end of this race goes slight uphill ~uggh why do races do that to you? but I just went up it the best I could and didn't worry if I was going to place or not!

So stinking HOT and READY to FINISH!
 This race was held in Frankfort, Ky and I always love their races, they have live bands and its always so festive. Thankfully at the end they was handing out Popsicles:) YUM! With as hot as it was that was the best thing ever. I told mom I didn't think I placed so we could leave if she wanted to but she told me not to underestimate myself and we was going to stay. She is such a smart woman:) I ended up being 2nd in my age group and 84 out of 773 total!

Thirteen and a half hours later I got up to do it all over again except for a 10k this time around. Last year I finished this one in 55:11 so I put a goal on myself of 54 something but wasn't sure since I ran the night before. This was a "Serres" race and my buddy Kelly that I have been pacing/running beside in these races wasn't there so that left me searching who could I pace with? My friend Sarah told me at the start she knew I could finish in 53 something, I told her I would like to keep an 8:50 pace but still didn't feel too confident in myself. About a mile in I quickly found my pacers, more friends I have met through these races:)
Me & my pacer Todd~ Thumbs Up!
I considered wearing the same outfit from the night before but decided not too however I sure wished I would have worn a tank because it got warm really quick! Once again I was VERY surprised at how good I felt and the awesome pace I was able to keep up with thanks to Todd:) This is another "Serres" race that I have never placed at, for some reason the 10k brings out all of the fast people that only run this race. But I was feeling pretty good and confident that day, until around a little after mile 5 that's when I started feeling sluggish, I kept reminding myself though only one more mile to go. As I came into the final stretch and could see the time clock at 52:50 I gave it all I had and finished in 53:04!!! Shocked Yes I was:) I told mom I think I need to start setting a goal on myself more often since every time I do I beat it! Once again I received 2nd in my age group, two second place finishes back to back I will happily take it :)))

Later that evening my oldest daughter graduated from high school~ what an emotional day it was!

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Suz and Allan said...

Congratulations on 2nd place in your age group and congratulations to your daughter on graduating! I know you must be so proud of her!