Sunday, February 15, 2015

Have I Mentioned I DON"T Like Wind??

I was all alone for the long run as everyone had something to do on the same weekend! Its been a VERY long time since I have ran alone usually I talk myself out of it.

Yesterday morning when I got up I went out to see how it felt. It was cold and I could hear and see the wind, I live kinda in a valley so the wind has to be pretty bad for me to notice it at my house. I shut the door  checked the temp on my phone, it said 33° but feels like 19°, I turned on the coffee pot and said 'Yep I'm staying home. I don't like the wind!'

I sat there for a few minutes and thought about it again, checked my phone again for the temps the wind was currently at 15-20mph but was only getting worse all day with the temperature falling. I decided to suck it up and just GO!!

Since I was alone I took my music first time in a LONG time it was nice but it took me 1½ miles to get everything situated from my earphone cord to my keys to deciding if I wanted my gloves on or off??

I walked 3 times. Once for my earphones/key. Twice going up the big hill around the park in the head wind. The wind was pushing me back so hard I didn't want to exhaust myself pushing uphill through it! I really don't like the wind!! 

I decided to cut the long run into two runs this week as I am running a 4mi race today. Yesterday was 6mi. The few times I did look at my pace I was very disappointed and had to tell myself to stop looking at it all together the wind is awful and just be happy you are out doing this! Speed doesn't matter!!

I was pleasantly happy with my last two miles. I pushed myself to pick it up when the wind wasn't blowing and when the gusts came just ride them out best I could. I was extremely happy with my overall time/pace!!

I really don't like the wind!! What is your worst weather condition besides rain I mean who really likes running in the rain??

Time is running out for the SPARTAN RACE ENTRY GIVEAWAY!! 

Run Happy ;)


Running Librarian said...

I hate wind! And ice is a no go too. way to get out there. I am hoping that tomorrow is not as windy and I can do my long run.

Sherry Peavler said...

Definitely missed not being able to run with you but I did get 10 miles on the treadmill. So it's obvious I'm not a fan of cold,wind or being alone!!! Most favorite time of running is with my best friends!!!