Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Off to a Good Start This Week & Tooth Aches

I have been trying for several weeks now to get in three weekly runs with no success. This week we started off on Monday with the first run so that has left me feeling positive about getting in three for this week. Monday morning was wonderful it was 51° and no wind I was in my groove and felt like I could have ran for miles and miles! Then Tuesday morning came and we planned on running again and I did the unthinkable....I cancelled :( BOO!! And yes I ALWAYS have tons of excuses but I have a fairly good one going on right now LOL. However we did make it this morning!! Now just one more day to go!

About 5 years ago I had a small piece of one of my back teeth break off I honestly did call the dentist office and they said that they would call me as soon as an opening came available. Well they never called and I am scared of the dentist so I didn't call back either. Now let's fast forward to present, sometime towards the beginning of the year another big piece of the same tooth broke off and ever since then there has been pain. It started out light and manageable with ibuprofen but was getting a little worse each day. Sunday night when I went to bed I could have cried it was hurting so bad. One of my best friends (and running buddies) works at the oral surgeon's office so after we ran Monday morning I pleaded for help! Thankfully she came to my rescue :) Next Tuesday it will be removed and I am a nervous wreck!

Its mid week...How's YOUR week going? I will be better when this tooth is GONE!!
Got any good dental stories to share??

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