Saturday, January 16, 2010

Not a Runner Today! 2nd Long Run

Am I insane??? What in the heck was I thinking?? I am not A RUNNER, AM I??? That is the thoughts that I had today when I started my 2nd long run of the half marathon training, and to be honest I pretty much had those thoughts and many more the whole entire 7 miles. Towards the end I realized the course I was running was not an eazy one by no means, there was several hills the whole entire way, but I also feel like that is what the Lexington Half course will be like also. So why not train on a similar type course!! I completed the entire 7 miles not running but I gave it my best effort possible. I probably walked about 2 1/2 miles of it if not a little more. Which I am very disappointed in myself, but I am hoping to take that attitude and move forward doing better the next time. I have been on a constant schedule for about 2 weeks now and I think my body is still adjusting to all the running. Not only my body buy my mind also since that is all running is, mind over matter. That truely is my weak point, the mental part and pushing myself beyond the limits. I give up too eazy and today I seriously considered not doing the half. Again towards the end of todays run I started telling myself "NO, You ARE doing this thing even if you end up walking the entire way!! Just keep up the training and it WILL get easier, it HAS to!!" Then I got home and looked up my pace at and was SHOCKED to say the least!! It said I had a pace of 11:05 and my goal pace should be around 12:35!! Now if only I can learn how to slow it down a little and pace it out the whole way to where maybe just maybe I could limit my walk breaks!! I am just guessing that is the purpose of TRAINING!! Although I still haven't talked myself into signing up for the half yet, I do feel one step closer!!

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