Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year/Happy Anniversary Setting the Bar High

Hooray it's 2014!! I'm so excited and ready to get this year started! Hubs and I started the year off right running the Resolution Run 5 Miler for the second year in a row! This year I was way more prepared and actually felt excited to "race"! Race against myself that is:) We have maintained a weekly long run of 6 miles for the last 3 weeks and they was all actually fairly good runs for me. I have improved and I can see it in myself and am beginning to feel proud of myself again but in no way am I trying to brag on myself again I am only racing against myself!
Today was the PERFECT day for a race it was sunny and 45 degrees there was a slight breeze however that we had to run into most of the race. They said the awards would be based on gun time even though it was chip timed as well so we tried to start pretty close to the front and I went ahead and started my garmin before crossing the mat. I told Gerard I wasn't going out all crazy fast and with the crazy crowd it seemed like it would be hard to go out fast but my first mile was 8:12! Too fast for me to start at but I just tried to keep on and keep up with Gerard. We slowed it down a bit and there was a gradual uphill for about a half mile but I was able to stay right behind him for about 2½ miles! After that I could see him but there was no way I would catch him, I was still happy with that. The last mile seemed FOREVER long and got me, I had (hang on its TMI) thick snot chocking me up and since I'm not a spitter (I seriously can't it goes all down the front of my chin!) I had to stop a couple of times and clear my throat. At the beginning of the race I said I was shooting for a 45 minute finish. Even with my short walks to clear my throat I am very pleased with each of my miles and my overall average:
Mile 1- 8:12:
Mile 2- 9:07
Mile 3- 8:34
Mile 4- 8:38
Mile 5- 9:09

Overall Average- 8:44
Garmin Finish Time- 44:04
Chip Time- 43:54

Take that 45 minutes I blew you away!



How did YOUR New Year start?
Have a Hangover? I'm not a drinker but they had some bizarre remedies on Kathy Lee & Hoda this morning!

This is my first race for the 14 in 2014 Challenge! And the start of the Run The Bluegrass Half Marathon Training Schedule!

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Sherry Peavler said...

Was excited for this race but unfourtantely sickness got in the way. Super proud of you and your improvements! Looking forward in our training for our spring half's. 2014 will have stronger and faster finishes!!
Again, only striving to beat myself! Lol