Thursday, January 16, 2014

Run the Bluegrass Training 2weeks Down

I told you a few times now that I will be running Run The Bluegrass . Well this year they have put out 3 levels of training programs that began on January 1, last year I didn't follow any kind of "training" program and just went on my own of what I thought I should do. However since these training schedules were available I thought I would give one a try.

I chose the intermediate since I have several half's already under my belt and have done this half several times. Although this may be known as "America's Prettiest Half Marathon" it certainly isn't the easiest! And well I'm not going to try and cover it up, its HARD and extremely HILLY!

So how did my first two weeks of training go? HA not the best! The first week was successful and let me feeling very positive about training!!
Week 1-
Jan 1- 5 mile race -Pace was much faster than I thought I could do~ always nice!
Jan 4- 5k Race
Jan 5- 7 mi Long Run

Then along came week 2 and the Polar Vortex! And yep I wimped out of the sub below zero temps and took most of the week off, then I crammed in 3 days of running all in a row! Not a smart thing to do at ALL!
Week 2-
Jan 10- 3.11 mi
Jan 11- 5 mi
Jan 12- 7 mi

So as you can see from what I've done and what the actual training schedule calls for I am not following it exactly I haven't done hill work or tempo runs I'm trying to focus more on getting the mileage in which I haven't been right on with the exact distances either.

Look at this BEAUTY that is and will be waiting for me (and Gerard) MARCH 29, 2014!

When following a "training schedule" do YOU do EXACTLY what it calls for?
Do you think its ok to sway from the schedule and just use it as a base to go by?



Sherry Peavler said...

I think it's a great idea and tool to use but like you I tend to do my own way. It's always nice to have supportive running buddies to help encourage you along the way. Looking forward having that nice medal too!!!!

Darlene said...

I use it as a base. Good luck!

mom27g said...

What a cool looking medal! Good luck in your training!