Thursday, June 28, 2012

3tt- Big News for My Area

A new Rock 'n' Roll race has been added and its close to my home!! I have been wanting to do one of these events for a couple of years, now with it almost in my back yard (well about 30mins away:) I actually get to do one!! I am SUPER EXCITED about this!! And thanks to my wonderful mom I'm already signed up and officially have registered for my first race of 2013!! Thanks Mom~ Love You:))) I really don't enjoy this majorly hilly crazy course but that's ok I'll do it just for the Rock'n'Roll fact, now I just have to decide on another R'n'R event so I can get a Heavy Medal bling!

Sunday I found .16cents Monday I found 5 pennies and one yesterday, 22cents in less than a week! Told the Hubz maybe by then end of my running career (hopefully MANY MANY years from now) I might get rich! He said I better start finding more than just pennies.......I just won't share my millions with him, LOL!!

3more days until we leave for VACAY!!!! I will become a beach bum Monday and I can't wait:)


Caroline said...

nice for the new race!!!

happy vacation to you!!!

Suz and Allan said...

Have a great time on vacation!

Courtney said...

a lot of people are really upset about this?! my first RnR races will be in nov and december, I kind of want to see how they go before signing up for this one, but i hate to miss the price break. runner problems!