Friday, June 22, 2012

A Few Friday Ramblings~ I Love that Man of Mine:)

The hubz thinks he is wanting a different vehicle, since he drives a SUV I don't blame him with the price of gas. So last night he & I went to look at a car, turned out to be not a good choice at all and I was starving so we went to get something to eat. I told him that morning of a dream I had that he told me he didn't love me anymore and was leaving me, I guess actually that is a nightmare not a dream! As we were on our way to eat he just looked at me and said "I Love You" my reply was "yea now you do" joking of course. After we ordered our food and sat down to eat he continued to say " I will always Love you, even if something should happen between us I don't think I could ever replace you." I asked him if that was a warning or something cause it was sounding like he was planning on leaving me, but he insisted he just wanted to make sure I knew that he did really and truly LOVE me. After we changed the subject and talked about other things for a while he again looked at me and said "I feel like we are on a date just like when we were younger." I swear to my goodness even after 20+ years with that man I still love him just like day one:) and I think he feels the same!

I am SO glad its finally Friday!!! This has been the longest week at work~ ugghh! And I have been on a running streak this week, I ran 5 days in a row, that's major for me! Friday is always my rest day since I usually do races on Saturdays so I was really looking forward to Friday (today) for that reason as well~ REST DAY:))

I recently shared the tragic story of Sarah Hart a runner close to my home that was murdered. They later discovered that she was 10 - 11 weeks pregnant. Today they announced the scum bag that did it will also be charged with fetal homicide along with kidnapping, robbery and murder. Still an awful tragedy but so thankful he will also be charged with fetal homicide!

Hope Everyone has a WONDERFUL weekend!!


Suz and Allan said...

Sorry about your nightmare. I have those too so you aren't the only one.

Sarah said...

Aww you guys are too cute :)