Thursday, June 7, 2012

3TT- Slow Days & Running Bling

1. Ugghh! Today is a terribly slow day at work! Don't get me wrong I enjoy a slow day so I can get caught up on blog reading, lol BUT it makes for such a long day. I work at our local DMV with vehicle licensing so we depend on customers coming in in order to be busy or not. Summer time is the worst for being slow! Which makes you look outside at how pretty it is and wish I was out there enjoying it. However I am VERY thankful to have such a great job:)

2. I LOVE race medals (Bling), I mean really who doesn't! I tend to look for close half marathons and such that have cool/awesome medals, whatever motivation it takes right? HA! I have already signed up for this fall half because it is local, they had cool bling last year and I really enjoyed it. Today they released a photo of this years Bling and I can't wait to get it

Isn't it just AWESOME!!

3. If you read my blog often then you already know I enjoy running series. I am currently hoping to complete two series one of which is the Frankfort Trifecta Series. The third and final race is coming up next week which is a 5miler. Also today on facebook they showed the current standings after the first two races and I am in 4th place in the Open Womens Division (Ages 18- 39)!! Last year I was 3rd and am hoping after the 5miler I can move up to 3rd again so I can get more race bling!! I am two minutes behind for third place so I think I will have to do really well at the 5miler to pull it off. Looks like I will be doing some 5milers for the next week and a half:)

Enjoy your Day!!


Suz and Allan said...

That's a really neat medal! I like it.

Courtney said...

i LOVE that medal. i am so up in the air about this race. i work the day before 9-3 so i could drive up afterward and drive home after the race. it'd be a lot of driving!