Thursday, March 22, 2012

WIR- Where Have I Been-No Funk Just Busy But a Feel Good Week

Here's my week, nothing outstanding but for me it was a good week!

Tuesday 3/13- Run 5mi/51:51  Step & Tone Aerobics
Wednesday 3/14- Run 3mi/31:15
Thursday 3/15- Run 4mi/42:03  Step & Tone Aerobics
Saturday 3/17- Run 1.86mi/14:27  Run 1.84/14:37 **Two 3k Races**
Sunday 3/18- Run 9mi/1:41:21

None of my runs was spectacular as far as times but the way I felt for all of the runs was great! And best of all I have felt great overall this past week! (Except for the hard to sleep issues) Unfortunately for me we are in our busiest month at work, I am WORN OUT at night and after being on the computer for work all day I haven't been at home (to Blog) so I am a little behind!   Then there is the unseasonable HEAT WAVE we have going on doesn't help and makes me feel tired. The normal temps for our area at this time of year is 55*- 63* last week it was in the high 70's all week and 80's towards the end of the week! Wednesday afternoon Sarah sent me a text stating "Under no circumstances will you let me walk while we are running" the funny thing about that was that was the start of 80* days and geez it was HOT and yes we walked a few steps here and there, I was ok with it though! Tuesday and Thursday was 5am runs, I had considered switching back to only afternoon runs but with this crazy heat I think I will stick to 5am runs for a while, who knows we will see....

I signed up to do two 3k races on Saturday a long time ago, one was in the morning and the other was in the evening, both of these races are a couple of my favorite races but this was the first year they have been held on the same day. My original plan was to "train" for them, yes I said train for a 3k, sounds kinda lame I know but I wanted to "run" them HARD and really try, did I train like I wanted NO! Why? Don't know. I figured even without training I could run hard for at least one of them.
First up was the Shamrock Shuffle 3k in Lexington, KY which is about 40 mins from my house which meant we had to leave at early dark:thirty as my wonderful mom put it. This is a bigger race than my normal and this year they had 2700 registered the largest crowd to date. I told my mom at the beginning that I would love to run it in 13:30 but not so sure I could but was going to give it my best effort, I really wanted to place in my age group. The weather was PERFECT around 56* and cloudy but it rained the night before and the road was slick, that kinda worried me. I even got at the front to start all on my own normally I would never do this unless the hubs was with me and made us get in line at the front. Off we went and I felt GREAT! I tried my best not to look at the Garmin, if I see the pace higher than I "think" I can do it starts to freak me out so I decided I wouldn't look until I was through one mile. At almost the mile point a little boy got right in front of me and stopped dead in his tracks, I put my hand on his back hovered completely over the top of him trying not to make either of us fall down! Thankfully neither of us did and I got around him. That made me push a little harder to try and get away from him. When I heard the Garmin "ding" at one mile I glanced down to see, I did that first mile at 7:47!!! Wow I never do that and yep it freaked me out a little and my pace slowed but not much I finished 1.86mi in 14:27!! Didn't hit my goal but I was VERY happy with that time since I didn't "train" and I was 40seconds from being 3rd! And I'm okay with that also it gives me something to push for next year:)

The next 3k race wasn't until 6:30pm which meant I had several hours in between and I don't do well eating before running. I was puzzled as to what to do with myself?? So I ate a turkey sandwich and took a 2hour nap. I woke up with a TERRIBLE sinus headache~ UGGHH!

The hubs is in the blue shirt #112 and I am behind in the pink!
The temps went up fast as the day went along, it was a beautiful day but it was HOT in the evening and HUMID! I sent the hubs a text before my nap and told him I hoped he had his running legs ready cause I was going to need someone to help me push hard to run again. He came home from work in not the greatest humor and dragged his feet for us to leave, I had to speed just a little to get us there in time. I felt like I had a lucky number #111 not sure why I felt like it was lucky but I did. And surprisingly my legs still felt good and ready to RUN. This was the Run for the Gold 3k in Frankfort, KY. I tell everyone Frankfort races always have lots of young kids that run and usually start at the front take off in sprints for the first 50feet and dead stop, sure enough I got caught up in them again and the hubs always seems to slide through them somehow?? I told him while we was waiting at the start I had no intention of taking off fast but hoping to pick it up at the end, its always my motivation to beat him:) Well once they said GO he took off like a rocket I really wasn't too sure I would be able to catch him. But I did and absolutely loved that we was side by side for about a half mile, then I pulled a little ahead of him but I knew he was just behind me
Why do I always run with my thumbs up??

When I made the final turn to the finish line I did my best sprinting went through the finish shoot turned to look behind me and there was no hubs?! He was there but about 10 seconds behind enough that I didn't see him right off :) Once again during this race I was able to pull off one mile at 7:47 and finish 1.84mi in 14:37!! Only 10 seconds from my time in the first morning race which again made me happy since I didn't train like I wanted to! I did get 3rd in my age group however~ Hooray!!

I agreed to do a long run with my friend Shalan who will be running the Run the Bluegrass Half with me on the 31st. We planned on doing it Sunday morning but I was up half the night with a terrible belly (I will tell you why I think it happened in my next post) so I postponed it till later in the evening. I wish we could have went in the morning because it was hot! Originally we was going to do 8mi but both of us felt ok, except for being hot and battling bugs, so we went ahead and did 9mi. It wasn't the fastest but it got done and I haven't been able to see or run with Shalan for about 3weeks so we had a lot to catch up on:)

Hope everyone had a great week last week and even better one this week!!
Run Happy!!

Our Girls! Another reason I enjoy evening races sometimes I can convince them to go:)


Suz and Allan said...

Great job on both your races! Very fast times!

I'm the mom said...
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Unknown said...

Great job 'daughter'.

Penny said...

Nice job on those races. You did awesome